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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

security watch

Protect your high value assets – record them with cap hpi on our security watch register and receive an alert if a hpi check is carried out by a third party.

Track a missing vehicle with an early warning if someone attempts to sell it, monitor an agreement which has fallen into arrears or any cloning activity.


All the features you need

  • Immediate notification if a stolen vehicle is checked against the hpi register
  • Telephone or email alerts
  • Recover assets with speed and ease
  • Flags any cloning activity and protects your vehicles
  • Keep track of all your assets whether they are on test drive, leased or you have a finance interest
  • Easy, real-time registration and de-registration
  • Protects your assets and minimises risk


  • Protect your assets and profitability whilst minimising risk
  • Rest assured in the knowledge that you will be contacted automatically should any risk activity occur
  • Maximise profit and minimise loss by keeping ahead
  • Recover assets with speed and ease
  • Cost-effective fast process
  • Excellent market coverage so you never miss an alert

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