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global reports

cap hpi’s global consulting team presents a series of analytical reports specifically for the automotive industry.

Diesel decline? Impacts across the automotive value chain.

Pages: 65

Released: 20 Nov 2017

This report analyses the key factors driving the decline in demand for diesel vehicles in the new and used markets. It will examine the consequent impact on residual values and consider how this will influence stakeholders in the European vehicle industry and market.

  • Provides a high level of detail and depth of data
  • Will support future decisions and risk assessment associated with diesel vehicles on an operational and strategic level
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Petrol versus Diesel

Pages: 18

Released: 30 March 2017

Read the Petrol V's Diesel whitepaper that looks at the used vehicle market to give you valuable insights into the motives of car buyers and drivers: without the restrictions of company car schemes and free from the influence of OEM’s ‘incentive’ programmes, you can see the true impact of consumer demand.

  • Overview of diesel market in the UK
  • Factors affecting the UK diesel market
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Navigating unprecedented change: Applying data to improve local performance

Pages: 21

Released: September 2016

Find out how data will play a pivotal role in unlocking the game changers that will radically change the consumer’s relationship with the automobile in 50 years time.

  • Uncovering the three engines of change
  • 1. The impact of globalisation. 2. The end of the fossil fuel era 3. The arrival of paradigm-shifting technologies.
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