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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

Customer Logins

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Use these links to find the correct login page for your cap hpi product or service.

  • cap hpi check

    Access your hpi trade account here.

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  • cap hpi valuation anywhere

    Access cap hpi valuation anywhere.

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  • cap hpi Subscribers

    Access your cap hpi reports, data downloads and other support.

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  • cap hpi Derwent

    Access Insight, smr forecast, smr actuals and more.

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  • cap hpi connect

    Access a whole range of services delivered online by cap hpi connect.

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  • cap hpi market value manager

    Access cap hpi market value manager.

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  • appraisal app admin

    Customise your appraisal app

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  • Editorials

    Take a look at our latest Editorials

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  • portfolio valuations - Finance

    Instant insight for your assets.

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  • portfolio valuations - Fleet

    Insight into current and future disposal values for your fleet.

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  • Malta odometer check

    Authenticate an imported vehicle’s odometer reading, into Malta from the UK, in 3 simple steps.

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