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Am I using the best VRM service?

When it comes to comprehensive vehicle identification, no-one is better. From a simple Vehicle Registration Mark we’re able to provide everything from the vehicle’s entire history through to it’s specification (down to optional extras fitted at the factory) and the value it’s worth right now.

Our comprehensive VRM service – wrapped up with our cap code – is uniquely placed to make your life easier, connecting up everything within your business and across all the companies you work with. This means you’re always talking about the same vehicle make, model and derivative – no accidental errors that would cost you money. Our VRM and cap code automatically links the DVLA with the likes of the SMMT, Thatcham, ABI and MVRIS.

We’re unrivalled for ID and valuation accuracy. Our services gives you access to automatic code matching, a system for checking incorrect vehicle IDs, vehicle pack and factory fitted options, 100% returns from the DVLA database, accurate values and the most frequent vehicle ID updates in the business.

vrm lookupVehicle spec check

How do I minimise policy risk?

We’re the only business that helps you understand pretty much everything about a vehicle. You can uncover all the details you need to minimise your policy risk, maximise profit and gain valuable insight into any car, bike or truck. Our new vehicle data, safety features and detailed vehicle spec are as comprehensive and accurate as the industry gets, with an error rate of 0.0066%. You’re more likely to discover a pearl in an oyster than find a flaw in our data.

Our spec check data also tells you which optional extras were added at the point of manufacture, so you have all the information to accurately identify the current value of a vehicle. Throw in our award-winning live trade values and transacted retail values, and you’ve got everything you could possibly need, all delivered through our cap code and vehicle registration number ID software (VRM) to help you quickly identify a vehicle along with its corresponding spec and value. We can support you in delivering accurate vehicle ratings, time after time.

Vehicle retail values (Raw Data)Vehicle spec checknew vehicle data checkvrm lookupcap Code - Vehicle Identification

How do I know my valuations are accurate?

Our data is universally trusted. We cover more vehicle derivatives than anyone else, we make 24 million values accessible to our customers every month and our new vehicle data returns errors rates of 0.0066%. We also conduct more than 1.5 million trade valuations per year and constantly research up to 800,000 unique live vehicle adverts.

We help our customers succeed by utilising the latest technology to deliver accurate valuations. We cover everything from ‘live’ data, transacted retail values and optional extra specifications through to the most comprehensive and accurate trade values. In tests against our closest competitor, our data was more accurate 77% of the time. We also have the greatest number of editors in the industry, constantly researching and analysing the market. Last but not least, we’re a multi award winning company for the quality, timeliness and comprehensiveness of our data.

Vehicle spec checkVehicle retail values (Raw Data)

How do I check vehicle integrity?

During the vehicle identification process, any errors made will adversely affect your risk management decisions. We can help you eliminate such mistakes, ensuring you maintain the integrity of your business and have the necessary governance and due diligence safeguards in place. We’ll reaffirm you’re covered.

Our state-of-the-art vehicle history services are designed to uncover a vehicle’s hidden past. We’ll help confirm if a vehicle is stolen or written-off, who the registered keeper is, and if the vehicle has a valid MOT, is still on finance or has been clocked. We’ll also smooth out your inter-company and customer data exchanges, ensuring they’re as accurate and as efficient as possible.

vrm lookuphpi check®nmr Mileage Services MOT Data Check

How do I value my policy book now and in the future?

We’re in the unique position of having all the data you need to make a risk free decision, all under one roof. To value your total policy book with full confidence – and lower your policy risk – you need to understand the vehicle mix, age and complete specification of your book. We can also help you identify the exact spec and value of a specific vehicle, discover how many policies have a finance agreement, how many were a previous write-off and how many have a valid MOT.

As well as valuing your book now or for the next 6 to 12 months, we can also assist you with the big decisions. If, for example, you’re looking to write-off 10% of your policy book, we can tell you exactly what it would look like for your business. There’s no-one better placed than us to help you work out your cost exposure if you make changes to your policy book, now and in the future.

vrm lookupVehicle retail values (Raw Data)hpi check®Vehicle spec check

Vehicle Repair Process

Our data and expertise makes your job quicker and easier.

How do I accurately assess write-off vs. repair?

First thing’s first – you need data on the vehicle in question. And that data needs to be accurate and timely. We can help you uncover every last detail, including make, model, derivative and specification, through to its true market value today and the total cost of repair.

At ‘First Notification of Loss’, we’ll help you ascertain if a vehicle is a write-off or if it’s possible to repair. If it’s repairable, we’ll ensure the process is kept simple and profitable. If it’s not, we’ll help you reach an immediate settlement for your customer. We can also help streamlines the process of finding a replacement vehicle. As part of the Solera Group, we’re uniquely positioned to help you manage your customers expectations and deliver everything they require.

Vehicle retail values (Raw Data)AudaEnterpriseGold

Am I using the most accurate estimating system?

Audatex – our sister company and valued partner – is the leading light in the provision of damage assessment software to insurance companies and body repair shops. They work with vehicle manufacturers to ensure early availability of parts and pricing data. They also enable more accurate and consistent estimating, with vehicle damage assessments based on the very latest information.

Audatex actively streamlines the damage assessment process to reduce workload and save money. The AudaEnterpriseGold product offers the widest vehicle data coverage on the market – as a result, customers benefit from more accurate and consistent estimating than any other provider.


How do I accurately check the provenance of a vehicle?

You need reliable, comprehensive data and you need it fast. We can help you accurately identify the correct vehicle make, model and specification in next to no time – our famous hpi check is trusted across the insurance sector and beyond.

When it comes to vehicle provenance, we’re the experts. Our state-of-the-art vehicle history services are designed to uncover the hidden history of a vehicle. You can easily find out if it’s been stolen or if it’s a write-off. We’ll also help you discover if it’s on finance, if the mileage has been tampered with and who the rightful owner is.

hpi check®nmr Mileage Services MOT Data Check

How do I get the most accurate write-off values?

You want to settle your claims in an accurate, timely manner. To do this, you need a deep understanding of a vehicle’s true market value. With our powerful range of products, we can help you quickly identify the right vehicle, along with the correct options, specification and its value at today’s prices.

We can help you prove your settlement offer is fair and accurate, making the whole process simpler and quicker for you and your customer. Finally, when it comes to disputed claims, we’ll help you satisfy any requirements requested by the Financial Ombudsman.

Vehicle retail values (Raw Data)vrm lookupVehicle spec checkvehicle market value manager

Sourcing Replacement Vehicles

Tap into a vast network of professional, reliable suppliers.

How do I help my customers replace a vehicle?

When your customers need a new vehicle after an incident, having us on board can really help. It can be a stressful time for everyone involved, so we’ll help you offer a customer service experience that’s second to none. Reduce their hassle of finding a new car and save them the effort of shopping around – our data will help you find them a vehicle they like and our tools will help them select a model that suits their budget.

With cap hpi, you can be sure the replacement vehicle will be safe, suitable and free from risk. We’ll make sure there’s no hidden history – it’s all part of the service.

total cost of ownershiphpi check®

Where do I source vehicle replacements from?

We can work with you to find reliable, reputable sources for replacement vehicles – it’ll provide your customers with valuable options at times of potential stress. We can facilitate partnerships across a vast network of trustworthy retail partners, connecting your customers with trustworthy dealerships and traders. We want to leave your customers as satisfied with you as our customers are with us.

total cost of ownershiphpi check®

How do I keep my customers?

We can assist with a stress-free vehicle repair service – something your customers will value highly. What’s more, we have the tools to elevate the experience from a good one to a great one, encouraging them to seek you out time and again. By supplying your customers with all the information they need to make an informed decision, you’ll naturally build trust and devotion. And by guaranteeing their next vehicle is safe and suitable for their needs and has no hidden history, you’ll give them outstanding service delivery.

hpi check®total cost of ownershipsmr actuals

How do I best advise customers on replacement options?

With our dynamic suite of products, you’ll be able to offer your customers information about replacement vehicles that meets their specific needs. With our data at your fingertips, you can help them quickly compare vehicle specifications, not to mention overall performance and running costs.

By passing our knowledge on to them, you’ll empower your customers to make better, more informed decisions on their next vehicle. It’s an experience they’ll appreciate and want to have with you time and time again.

hpi check®Vehicle spec checktotal cost of ownershipsmr forecast

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