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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

new vehicle data check

With cap hpi new vehicle data, you have access to an unequalled store of automotive data that will power your business with essential information. It gives you the information you need to close a deal, to enhance your customer service and to improve your sales processes by saving time on conducting your own research.


All the features you need

  • Extensive – over 460,000 options and list prices covering every new vehicle from 55 manufacturers
  • Comprehensive – our suite of data will help drive complex front and back office systems
  • Effective – multiple quality exterior photographs to complement your website and marketing*
*Representative models from every car range available since August 2011


  • Create efficient processes and open new markets
  • Offer greater depth, breadth and value to your customers with industry-leading accurate data
  • Get new intelligence first with fast reflections of new products, often before they reach the marketplace
  • Save time accessing cross-sector data with industry standard cap code
  • Enhance your customer-facing environment and online displays with quality vehicle imagery
  • Reduce time spent researching and responding to specification queries

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