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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

vrm lookup

cap hpi provides the most trusted and most popular VRM Lookup service in the UK. Licensed directly from DVLA, this service contains the most complete set of data covering all UK registered vehicles.


cap hpi’s flexible VRM Lookup is available as an enhanced API, allowing you to choose from more than 150 data points, the largest available in the industry, or from a basic API, for those who only need a more limited set of data points.

Available for vehicles across both the UK and Republic of Ireland, our data allows you to call any piece of information about any vehicle to the exact make, model and derivative – including every modern electric and PHEV vehicle.

Key features of the cap hpi VRM Lookup

  • The largest vehicle database in the UK, covering cars, LCVs, HGVs, Motorbikes, Quadbikes, Motorhomes, Caravans + other equipment (eg agricultural equipment)
  • Maintains more than 150 data points – more coverage than anyone else
  • Officially licensed by DVLA and SMMT with secure data connection
  • cap hpi works closely with DVLA, SMMT and other organisations to continually cleanse the data
  • Automatic linkage to other industry codes including MVRIS, CAP ID, ABI, TVI, Tecdoc (Ktype and Ntype), Glass’s, FleetNet*
  • Typical response times of 0.1 seconds
  • VRM or VIN to component

*A third party licence may be required

Benefits of the cap hpi VRM Lookup

  • Always receive up-to-date data with our enhanced API. DVLA only updates its data once a month. With our enhanced offering no one else offers such a frequent refresh
  • Get more data returns than any other provider
  • The only provider to work alongside other data sources to cleanse the data to ensure it remains accurate
  • Our VRM Lookup gives you unequalled accuracy, providing access to option packs to help you identify the additional specs and their value. Other systems can’t provide this information
  • Cap hpi’s VRM lookup provides the accuracy, speed and efficiency you need to quickly get the right answers you’re looking for about any vehicle

You’ll be in good company

Our customers include:

  • Motor manufacturers
  • Thousands of dealerships, large and small
  • Dealer Management Systems developers
  • Third party data providers
  • Stock broadcasting services
  • All major finance houses
  • Digital marketing solutions providers
  • Insurance companies
  • Web site providers
  • Car park companies
  • Environmental bodies

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