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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

smr data

Now you can accurately calculate service, maintenance and repair costs, a vehicle’s lifetime running costs, giving you greater control over your budget and spend. By drawing on comprehensive parts data from a variety of trusted sources, we can predict common faults, when they are likely to occur and what the parts and labour cost is likely to be. It’s little wonder over half of all leasing companies use our SMR data.


All the features you need

  • Comprehensive – default information includes labour rates, fluid
    costs, tyre prices and component replacement intervals. Analyse data through brand, range, engine etc.
  • Real world – compare a SMR cost by term and distance, and use actual vehicle service history records to calculate accurate key component burn rates and job frequencies
  • Simple – easy to use drop-down menus with data displayed in
    graphical format for an instant comparative view
  • Flexible – create baskets of vehicles allowing for detailed comparisons, choose default replacement intervals for all wear items and display numbers of incidents over 5,000 mile stages
  • User-friendly – export data for quotations, also features Live vehicle SMR Revaluation, a Sale and Leaseback function and audit trail to track user changes


  • Keep better control of costs by knowing your vehicle running costs
  • Stay up to date with new model additions
  • Avoid messy vehicle spreadsheets that rely on human entry
  • Gain a competitive advantage with the market’s most sophisticated SMR budgeting suite
  • Save time by having the best service, maintenance and repair data available at your fingertips

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