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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

valuation anywhere

Get accurate valuations immediately, whenever and wherever you want.

With so many makes, models and options available today, being able to accurately estimate the value of a vehicle takes time and effort. In such a competitive market, get it wrong and you lose money. Get it right and you’ll maximize your profit on the vehicle.


What does valuation anywhere do?

Effortlessly establish a vehicle’s true value simply by typing in its registration and mileage.

With just those two pieces of data you get a raft of information about the vehicle, not only to price it correctly, but to help you advertise it perfectly and decide when the optimum time to sell is.

Whether you’re on your forecourt, at the auction, on the road or at home, valuation anywhere gives you a value within less than a second of typing in the registration and mileage.

It allows you to manage your stock volumes more effectively, maximizing your profits. With access to unique add-ons and greater intelligence, you can confidently and accurately value any vehicle.

See what Darren Cook from Heritage Automotive says about valuation anywhere

Key features & benefits

  • Easy to use – Simply type in a registration and mileage to access all the valuations data you need, incorporating clean, average, below & retail values
  • Convenient – Access cap hpi’s comprehensive rage of vehicle IDs and mileage-adjusted valuations instantly
  • Maximise profits –Save money, reduce errors finding the right vehicle and avoid incorrectly estimating values
  • Save time – Save hours by completing bulk valuations in minutes through the bespoke groups function. These are easily imported and exported in CSV format.
  • Complete – Get car, bike, LCV and HGV valuations immediately, whenever and wherever you want
  • Enhanced – Gain access to unique add-ons providing all you need to know about the value of every vehicle
    • Option Values – value the factory fitted spec of the vehicle ,during the life of the vehicle as well as the base specification for an event more accurate valuation
    • Live values – get ‘live’ accurate valuations every day. Values move constantly. Don’t rely on monthly values that only give you an accurate value on 12 days out of 365
    • Future performance – See the expected value of the vehicle for the 12 months
    • Access retail data – compare what others are retailing almost identical vehicles for in your area to help you get your pricing right in seconds and without with retail advert (iQ)

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Harness UK retail advert data to identify gross profit margins instantly!

retail advert (iQ) is now seamlessly integrated into valuation anywhere allowing you to view retail advert data for the vehicle you are valuing.

The data rich resource lets you customise the adverts you view as you can filter by location, mileage and vehicles on different plates. This tool can:

  • Increase competitiveness – price vehicles based on the current live market
  • Identify profit with ease – highlight the vehicle’s buy and sell price and compare to the market with the Gross Margin feature
  • Saves time – automatically generate the information, so no need for manual searches
  • Increase profit and vehicle turnover – buy, sell and pitch vehicles at the right price for your market

Watch this video to see how retail advert (iQ) works.

Simple search function

  • search, identify and value used cars, motorcycles, LCVs and HGVs simply and quickly
  • search by common name or keyword
  • How do you find a vehicle with simple search? Watch this short video here
cap hpi valuation anywhere simple search car, bike, lcv, hgv

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