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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

Dealerships & Traders

From showrooms to sole agents, we have all the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

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Buying My Vehicles

For new and used vehicle purchases, we’ll help you make the smart choice.

Which vehicles should I buy?

We’re here to help you find the right vehicles quickly with our award winning services. No matter what your need, we’ve got you covered. When you’re researching your next vehicles we not only reduce the time you take, but we provide the most accurate and comprehensive trade and retail values in the UK, making sure you’re getting that sweet spot to attract the most customers.

And that’s only part of the story. With hpi check you get the most complete record of a vehicle’s history. No one else comes close to matching it, ensuring you can conduct business risk free and with no harm to your businesses reputation.

Add in the likes of our spec check data, our live data feeds and our future values and you’ll see why more dealerships choose cap hpi than anyone else. Our services help you make smart decisions quickly, freeing up more time to do what you do best – sell.

valuation anywherehpi check®black book +12 - Future Car Values

Where should I source vehicles from?

Whenever you source stock, we’re here to help you make informed, profitable decisions. Our award-winning, comprehensive data can help you find the right vehicle, get to its true specification, understand its history and flag any issues. We’ll provide benchmark current and future values trusted right across the spectrum – from auctions to traders, lenders to motor insurers.

And we’re not limited to the trade side. We can also put your dealership directly in touch with brand new customers, opening up your forecourt to both fresh sources of customers and stock. Take our products for a spin and see for yourself.

hpi check®Vehicle spec check

What are the risks with these vehicles?

Knowledge is power. 90% of vehicles on the road have undergone some form of data correction, so it’s essential you uncover any risks before buying. We can reveal the history of any vehicle and make sure it’s hpi clear – we’ll confirm if it’s stolen, a write-off or has outstanding finance. We can also support you with relevant trading standards requirements and, crucially, help keep your reputation intact.

We’re in a unique position to stop you accidentally undervaluing or overvaluing your stock. If you want to attract more customers and maintain profit in all your part ex and stocking decisions, our easy-to-use tools have got you covered.

hpi check®nmr Mileage Services black book live - Live Vehicle Valuationsblack book +12 - Future Car Values

Which vehicles are my competitors buying?

We know it’s a tough market out there. Keeping track of your closest rivals is important, if only to ensure your business remains competitive. With our intelligent products and services you’ll be able to see precisely which vehicles are selling in the marketplace – and which ones aren’t moving at all.

Staying on top of stock and keeping your prices competitive dramatically reduces the time you get to spend on research. We can help you reclaim your time and push your profit to the next level.

valuation anywhereVehicle spec check

Managing My Stock

Our experience in the marketplace will help you get the most out of your stock.

How do I keep track of what my stock is worth?

Monitoring the profitability of vehicles is vital to your success. We provide robust, leading-edge solutions to your stock control. You can easily keep track of all the latest trade and retail value movements. We also offer the most accurate future values so you can see how and when a vehicle will retain or lose its value over time, ensuring your stock remains competitive and generates the revenue you need.

Our intelligent and intuitive tools assist you in seeing vehicle popularity and profitability, letting you set and calculate your own margins and estimate how well a vehicle will sell. Our systems will even tell you if any of your stock is going to fail to make the profit you want from it.

All of this data is available seamlessly through your DMS systems or available in our stand alone products. Whatever you need, we have the answer.

black book live - Live Vehicle Valuationsblack book +12 - Future Car Values

When is the best time to buy and sell my stock?

It can be hard to decide when the time is ripe to buy or sell. With 60% of cars seeing at least one trade value change during the course of a month, it’s important you’re aware of changes as they happen, not just twelve times every 365 days. We’ll help you measure your stock turn and visualise past, present and future performances, ensuring you’re never out of pocket.

We’re the only company to offer ‘live’ trade and retail data – all the information you could ask for with one simple log-in. See how long you’ve had a vehicle, where the market is changing and set alerts for any changes in the performance of your stock.

black book live - Live Vehicle Valuationsblack book +12 - Future Car Values

Where should I move my stock?

The only way to make truly effective choices is to stay well-informed. Our data can help you select the best place to move your vehicles – that could mean moving your stock from one branch to another to take advantage of robust local trading, or taking the decision to trade out, send to auction or add to your forecourt, all at the right time to maximise your profit.

To keep your stock profitable, you need to make these crucial decisions quickly and with the lowest amount of risk. That’s where we come in.

black book live - Live Vehicle Valuationsblack book +12 - Future Car Values

Selling My Vehicles

Backed by extensive data sets, we’ll help you optimise prices and promote your range.

How do I set the ‘right’ price for my vehicles?

You’re after the perfect balance between the quickest sale and the correct price in a competitive market – we can help you find that sweet spot, without having to resort to a ‘race to the bottom.’. Our award-winning valuation services make sure you’re not in danger of undervaluing (and losing profit) or overvaluing (and losing custom). With our live trade service you can be sure you’re getting the current value of a vehicle, not one that’s a month old. Our spec check data highlights any optional extras fitted by the manufacturer, often adding hundreds or thousands of pounds to a vehicle’s value, and often accidentally overlooked, costing precious profit.

And let’s not forget our famous ‘cap code’ – used by manufacturers, lenders and insurance companies alike, ensuring everyone is talking about the same exact vehicle every step of the deal. More accuracy means far less costly mistakes.

black book live - Live Vehicle ValuationsVehicle spec checktotal cost of ownershipsmr data

How do I best promote my vehicles?

If you’re out to prove your vehicles are a better purchase than your competitors, look no further. We have all the tools to help you attract more customers, negotiate new sales and demonstrate you have the best deals in town. People naturally trust reputable businesses that show themselves to be customer friendly.

Our wide range of services will help you persuade consumers that your offering is the most attractive around. What’s more, our team can act as an extension of your own, turbo-charging your powers of persuasion.

hpi check®Vehicle spec checktotal cost of ownershipsmr complete

What is the current demand for my vehicles?

Stay ahead of the game by ensuring your stock always meets the needs of your customers. Our data shows precisely how demand can fluctuate across all makes and models, what prices vehicles are going for around the country and how well specific models are selling. We also offer a window into what people are looking to buy and sell across current models, options and specs. You can also investigate your closest competitors to glean insights and gain the edge.

Using our suite of powerful sales tools, you’ll have everything you need to manage customer expectations and negotiate a lucrative part exchange. For more info, sign up to Extras and receive regular expert news about the latest trends in the new and used vehicle markets.

valuation anywhereconsumer click data

How do I best promote my business?

A trustworthy and respectable dealership or trader will naturally attract more business. We’re here to help you comply with legal requirements, strengthen your excellent reputation and make sure you’re viewed as a fair, transparent business. Provenance and mileage checks reassure your customers you’re serious about a risk-free experience, and our hpi certificates help reinforce that message. Elsewhere, running cost data and 5-day insurance products are designed specifically to help you smooth out your sales process, and hpi check is so widely trusted that around 90% of people who use it go on to buy the vehicle.

Partnering with us demonstrates your commitment to due diligence and great customer service. We can help you deliver and promote a fantastic range of extras. Plus, with our backing, you’ll strengthen trust with your existing customers and build great relationships with new ones.

hpi check®driveaway Insurance

After Sales Care

For a comprehensive post-sale package that maximises engagement, look no further.

How do I keep in touch with my customers?

After a successful sale, keeping in touch with your customers is paramount for any thriving business. Our services help you stay connected and keep your records clean and up-to date. Target relevant customers with your latest promotions at key times – when MOT or servicing is required, for example – or simply remind your customers you’re there for any automotive eventuality. Our data sets are reliable and constantly updated.

Last but not least, our bespoke products can alert you whenever a customer is back in the market for another vehicle, priming you to reach out and contact them for another sale.

aftersales: customer watchaftersales: retention watchaftersales: data services

How can I look after my customers post-sale?

There are many ways to make a happy customer even happier. With our click data you’ll be able to respond to their future purchasing needs, plus we can help you identify new cars that are cheaper to run, own and finance – more reasons for repeat custom. With our comprehensive database, we’ll also help you order the right parts for your vehicles. From a simple VRM you can identify and fix any model, expanding your ability to accept repairs for any car.

Aftermarket is a fast-growing part of the industry; it’s a chance to maximise revenue even when sales dip. And with such attentive after-sales care, you’ll naturally generate positive word-of-mouth that enhances your reputation.

consumer click dataE3 Technicalsmr data

How do I optimise possibilities for further purchases?

Let’s get down to brass tacks – you want to know what additional products you can sell to your customers. We’ll help you order the correct parts for any make or model and ensure your servicing costs stay competitive. However you want to access the data, our VRM allows you to identify any car quickly; by adding our VRM service to your website, your customers will appreciate the hassle-free access to relevant vehicle information.

And don’t forget our unique ‘cap code’. Used by everyone across the industry – manufacturers, lenders and insurance companies – it leaves less room for errors as everyone is talking about exactly the same vehicle at every step of the deal. All our services are here to help you expand your after-sales support, maximise your profits and generate income organically.

E3 Technicalvrm lookupconsumer click data

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