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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

aftersales: retention watch

Customer retention is vital for the success of any business and retention watch gives you all the information you need to track a vehicle’s lifecycle with your customers. Keep up to date on whether any vehicle you have sold to a customer has been hpi checked, to indicate if maybe it is being sold again.


All the features you need

  • Most accurate and comprehensive data to help you keep up to date with your customers’ activity
  • Direct notifications to your business
  • Information about when your customers might be in the market for a new car
  • All the data you need to increase brand loyalty amongst existing customers


  • Identify any vehicles that are likely being sold to spot ant news sales opportunities
  • Have all to data and information you need to be proactive
  • Get direct and instant notification so you can reach out to your customers in a timely fashion
  • Improve customer service and keep your customers for longer

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