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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

Vehicle retail values (Raw Data)

Setting the right price is essential if you are to improve sales and protect your margin while attracting more customers. Now setting the perfect price is quicker and easier than ever thanks to cap hpi’s retail values. We can send you the latest retail values for every make and model across any digital device. For every 10 cars you research for pricing, we estimate that cap retail values can save you as much as three hours.


All the features you need

  • Accurate – all values reflect actual live dealer adverts that we analyse every day from leading web advertising portals. We analyse more than anyone else, making our values more accurate
  • Current – live updates as and when they happen, with over 700,000 unique ads analysed daily – more than anyone else
  • Complete – get retail values and award-winning trade values across every model and every sector from one single source
  • Credible – check new and existing stock competitiveness, with information and knowledge underpinned by cap’s ex dealer editors


  • Sell stock faster by getting your pricing right first time
  • Be seen by more customers as your prices will reflect what they expect to pay
  • Save time by getting accurate values in less than five seconds
  • Avoid having to search several online sources to get a valuation
  • Access valuations across multiple digital platforms
  • Eliminate mistakes and be confident you’re seeing the true value of a car
  • Source new stock quicker
  • Stay competitive when the market changes

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