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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

consumer appraisal app

Revolutionise the part-exchange process with cap hpi’s consumer appraisal app


Reach potential customers and generate hot, qualified leads for your business with this own branded app. The consumer appraisal app will help to build your relationship with potential customers earlier in the sales process, speeding up negotiations and increasing remote sales.

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What does the consumer appraisal app do?

Consumers download your app from the iPhone app store or Android Play Store, then digitally appraise their vehicle to receive a valuation for it before they’ve visited your dealership. The appraisal report will be sent to you, the dealer, to follow up. This provides hot, qualified leads direct to your inbox!

Key benefits

  • Delivers hot, qualified leads – Build a relationship with your customers from their own driveway!
  • Increase your geographical customer base – Widen your prospect pool… extend your physical catchment area by an average of 24 miles*.
  • Increase remote sales – Extend your online search potential by 77%*.
  • Speed up the negotiation process by 30 minutes per deal* – Customers arrive already knowing the correct value for the vehicle they want to part-exchange.
  • Manage stock more effectively – Provides valuable insight on potential vehicles coming into your dealership.

*based on consumer research conducted by cap hpi in July 2017

  • Integrated – Generates accurate, up-to-date values from cap hpi’s comprehensive, real time data.
  • Create a point of difference – Promotes your business as forward thinking, digital and progressive.
  • Save time and reduce errors – Quick and consistent digital capture of appraisal and customer details that can be fed into your own systems, if required.
  • Transparency – Improve customer expectations and perceptions of your business as they get a ‘fair deal’.
  • Improve customer expectations – Gives customers a better understanding of their vehicle condition and its value.

“Carbase is built on trust, transparency and fairness. Our customers are happy not only to recommend us but also to receive the long-term support that we offer. The fantastic technology we are using from cap hpi will help us expedite the part exchange process, making it efficient and profitable, while building trust with the customer.”

Alex Jones – Advertising Manager at Carbase


  • Easy to access and use for consumers
  • Includes a 360 guided video and damage capture function
  • A white labelled app – it’s your branding and look & feel
  • Provides a detailed appraisal report with a valuation included (clean, average, below – this uses cap hpi’s comprehensive, up-to-date values)
  • Ability to provide a valuation directly to consumer within the app
  • Available on Apple and Android
  • cap hpi will maintain the app – you don’t have to worry about updates and fixes
  • Can add bespoke features (additional costs apply)

Frequently asked questions

Q. How long will it take to develop?
A. Four to 6 weeks from sign off to launch (for apps that don’t require any additional features and if all information required is provides)

Q. Will it look like my company’s app?
A. Yes – the app is ‘white labelled’ and will have your company branding

Q. How will the app be maintained?
A. cap hpi will maintain the app and manage any updates and fixes. You don’t have to worry about any of the maintenance.

Q. Can I add any bespoke features to the app?
A. yes, our team of experts will work with you to determine if any additional features are required. These can be incorporated into the app for an additional cost.

Q. Is the app available on phones and tablets?
A. Yes, the app is available on Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets.


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