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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?


Insight is an online solution for leasing company decision makers, allowing you to set and maintain, competitive leasing prices across your entire vehicle range to ensure you attract prospective customers who are in the market for a fleet of vehicles.


What does Insight do

Insight, from cap hpi, directly compares data including residual value, service, maintenance, repair data and full leasing price lists* from every major leasing business to allow leasing companies to understand exactly how competitive their position is directly against their peers and other market players.

With Insight you can access fresh data every month to keep an accurate and consistent view of pricing positions and offerings (Available in the UK and Netherlands). You can immediately check and change your offerings to maintain a profitable and attractive market position, delivering the right offer every time. 


  • Easy to see summary of your overall position and key highlights of the movements and threats to your offering
  • Anomaly reporting highlights the biggest variances of your offer against your competitors (positive or negative)
  • Includes analysis across brand, model and derivative for cars and vans
  • (Netherlands) Residual values, SMR costs, Tyre and Insurance prices alongside full leasing pricing for major leasing businesses all in one place
  • (UK) Residual values and SMR costs, with leasing pricing


  • Keep up to date with monthly updates on the position of company car and van performance 
  • Understand your true commercial position in the competitive world of car and van leasing 
  • Understand and maintain your competitive position for maximum profit and minimum loss 

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