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All the insights you require to get your vehicles off the production line and onto the road.

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Attracting New Customers

We have the powerful tools and the accurate data to make people interested.

How do I attract retail customers?

When it comes to the likes of vehicle configurators, running cost comparisons and valuation calculators, we’ve got you covered. In fact, we have more unique tools, products and services to help you attract customers to your website and your dealership network than anyone else.

Backed by our robust and powerful data, you can demonstrate precisely why your vehicles are better than the competition. We can help you market your finance offers and maximise profit from your used vehicle sales. We can also assist your customers when it comes to configuring and ordering their own vehicles, in turn growing your client base, logging their details and furthering your relationships with them.

driveaway Insurancenew vehicle data checktotalcost - Lifetime Vehicle Running Costssmr data

How do I attract fleet customers?

We provide all the tools you need to show fleet operators your vehicles make sound business sense. We can help you demonstrate how and why your vehicles are appropriate across a range of business models. Our web applications allow for swift and easy comparisons, displaying the strengths of your vehicles in simple terms – you can demonstrate which vehicles are cheaper to run, which are cheaper to own and which have strong residual values.

You can also use our analysis tools to hone your offering and make it more attractive, further optimising your position in the fleet, leasing and rental market.

insighttotalcost - Lifetime Vehicle Running Costs

How do I attract people to my website?

Customers value quick access to the information they need. Embedding our products on your site gives them exactly what they’re looking for. This in turn leads to customers making more informed choices about their next vehicle. Not only does it show you have a fair, transparent business they can trust, they’ll also appreciate your support with their decision-making.

With tools like our running cost comparators and valuation calculators, you’ll be able to offer the full package online. Across your entire network, prospective customers will be empowered to cut through the vast ocean of vehicles, options and costs to find the ones they’re interested in. Last but not least, we can also give you and your franchises more options for sales leads, outreach and direct marketing to potential and existing customers.

hpi check®totalcost - Lifetime Vehicle Running Costssmr forecast

Identifying Profit On My Vehicles

Gain detailed insights into performance, costs and risks.

How do I maximise the price of my new and used vehicles?

When it comes to vehicle performance, you want the whole story. We offer a one stop shop – our tools are designed to give you the edge. See performance trends and gaps for all your individual vehicle types, in turn increasing profits and reducing risks. We analyse everything from historic, current and future values for every model and derivative, through to overall running costs. We also track the performance and cost of replacement parts and how they compare in the market.

If you want to fine tune your prices to maximise sales, sell more finance, optimise the management of vehicle values, make your new and used vehicle stock more visible online, or simply need to know the best time to onfleet or defleet, we have all the tools you need. And we’re not just here to advise – you can access all our data directly, presented in a way that’s useful and clear. We believe smarter decisions lead to higher profits and lower risks.

capCalc - Fleet Valuationgold book iQresidual trackergold book

How do I improve the cost of ownership of my vehicles?

For all your vehicles, we can help you break down, analyse and understand all the factors affecting the competitive performance of every individual running cost.

Whether that be vehicle tax costs, service and maintenance costs (including labour rates) or fuel costs, we have the tools and information you need to monitor and track the performance of your vehicles over time. We can even drill down into the cost of parts, their life expectancy and how they compare.

smr forecastsmr actualstotal cost of ownershipresidual tracker

How do I minimise risk on my assets?

Our renowned hpi check – famous across the automotive industry – allows you to uncover the entire history of a vehicle. Worry less about hidden secrets with a comprehensive overview of a vehicle’s past. Our services offer vital protection for your business and franchises in the event you are challenged and – crucially – safeguard both your reputation and your financial risk.

It’s not just the hpi check we’re famous for. We’re also the owners of trusted, award winning current and future vehicle values. Notable for their accuracy and comprehensiveness, we can help you minimise risk by understanding and predicting the true value of your vehicles. No-one else offers so much accuracy and coverage all in one place.

black book +12 - Future Car Valuesblack book live - Live Vehicle ValuationscapCalc - Fleet Valuationhpi check®nmr Mileage Services vrm lookupgold book

How can I best analyse data on my used vehicles?

When it comes to crunching the numbers, leave it to us. With our web tools, you’ll be able to analyse the residual value performance of your vehicles with speed and ease – all the information you need, right at your fingertips.

We’ll help you track, chart and monitor numerous factors affecting every element of your vehicles, not to mention performance gaps and trends. Knowledge is power, so make sure you’re in the know.

capCalc - Fleet Valuationinsightresidual trackertotal cost of ownershipsmr history

Managing My Partner Relationships

Our services will connect you to a vast automotive network.

How do I best deal with fleet/leasing companies?

Solid partnerships are the foundation of every business. To maintain your relationships with fleet, rental and leasing companies, you need to make sure you’re all on the same page. Our unifying cap code helps ensure you’re all talking about the exact same vehicle at any given time.

We also have a number of products to help prove your vehicles are priced correctly and performing competitively. We cover everything from total running costs to the cost and life expectancy of parts and labour. Our software gives you a richer understanding of your closest rivals and their various strengths and weaknesses, not just in general, but right down to vehicle specifics. Make smarter decisions and build stronger partnerships.

total cost of ownershipsmr forecastsmr actualsinsight

How do I best deal with lenders, brokers & finance houses?

Lenders, brokers and finance houses are a vital part of your network. If you want to improve your relationships with them and – in turn – provide your customers with better finance deals, we have a range of products perfectly suited to the task. Plus, with the celebrated cap code connecting the entire industry, you’ll always know you’re talking about the same exact vehicle.

gold book iQfuture vehicle value checker

How do I best work with my dealerships?

Our tools, products and services make it possible for you to support your dealerships and help generate greater interest in your vehicles. We provide everything from vehicle locators and lead generation tools through to vehicle valuations – you can show you’re serious about offering a fair price for a part exchange whilst maintaining that crucial profit. Our values also extend to future valuations, so you can still provide an accurate value of a part ex even with long lead times on a new car; you won’t lose out on a sale and your profit is secure.

It’s also important to support their due diligence and reputational processes. We do that through hpi check, trusted by thousands of businesses for its comprehensive coverage and accuracy. Finally, with the cap code connecting your entire network, you’ll always have the best information on the right vehicle, every time. Smart data makes for happier, smoother relationships.

hpi check®new vehicle data checkVehicle spec checkfuture vehicle value checker

How can I join up my internal systems?

Not only do our web tools and datasets connect the entire automotive industry, they also bring speed, simplicity and accuracy to your internal processes. And because we’re a one stop shop, gone are the days of having to use different, disparate systems for risk and due diligence processes. With cap hpi you can achieve efficacy through efficiency.

cap Code - Vehicle Identification

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