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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

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Building Trust

We cover all bases so you can offer your customers clarity and reassurance.

Do I have the right provenance to safeguard my business?

We’re famous for our hpi Check – it’s known as the most comprehensive provenance service in the entire automotive industry. Trusted since 1938 for uncovering theft, loss, finance and plate transfers, it’s pretty obvious why we’re market leaders for vehicle history checks. When it comes to accepting a vehicle for auction, you need to know everything’s above board. A thorough history check is the best way to avoid any nasty surprises and ensure good, clear title is passed onto your customers.

hpi check®vehicle identity check

How do I know the condition of a vehicle?

We have a range of tools and services to help you monitor and keep accurate track of the condition of every vehicle that passes through your doors. We can quickly alert you to any insurance loss, theft or issue with the vehicle from just one system, and – given we have the UK’s biggest independent database of mileages – we have powerful software to provide you with accurate mileage verification.

Our dedicated auction appraisal tool allows you to quicken the pace of your appraisals. That means you can turn that metal at a quicker pace, helping you to turn more profit. See why Aston Barclay turned to cap hpi for their appraisal need.

hpi check®nmr Mileage Services vehicle appraisal app

How do I know my values are in tune with the market?

We receive and analyse millions of pieces of vehicle information every year – far more than anyone else. This ensures you have access to the most accurate valuation data possible at all times. With data from every area of the automotive industry, we can give you up-to-date values 365 days a year. And because we update our values as and when they occur, your customers will appreciate having the very latest values as they stand today, allowing them to adapt to regular market changes.

You can also use both our live and future valuation data to further empower conversations with your customers. By accessing the power of live values and discovering how vehicle values will perform over the next few months, you’ll not only be able to better advise on when to de-fleet stock for better returns, you’ll also be better able to manage expectations on residual values ahead of an auction.

valuation anywhereblack book live - Live Vehicle Valuationsblack book +12 - Future Car ValuesCommercial Vehicle Valuations (Red Book)motorcycle values - green book

How do I identify the correct vehicle spec?

We can help you identify the exact specification on most UK vehicles from 2006 onwards. Two cars may look the same, but there’s a chance you’re overlooking thousands of pounds of factory fitted options. But with our incredibly accurate vehicle specification data, you can rest assured you’re not only identifying the correct vehicle, but also placing the right value on the vehicle and ensuring it’s being represented and marketed clearly, accurately and fairly. Our data includes all costs of optional extras, helping you get the best price for your vendors.

Vehicle spec checknew vehicle data check

Streamlining My Process

Get your systems talking to each other and access data on the go.

How do I integrate with third party systems?

We pride ourselves on offering adaptable solutions. We provide dedicated support and advice to make sure you get the right products for your systems of choice – the beauty about our products is that we can split them up in a variety of ways to suit your needs. We can also provide raw data that integrates seamlessly with your chosen provider, assisting both your back-end and front-end systems. You’ll also have the option of trialing our products to make sure everything is working smoothly before going live.

vrm lookup

How can I integrate data into my existing system?

If you need more than a standalone valuation tool, our raw data products seamlessly facilitate the integration of cap hpi data into your system. And if you’re having trouble, our support team will guide you through the entire process – we’re here to ensure you get the right data set for your business.

vrm lookup

How do I access data on the go?

We can provide the data you need, whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, we have a solution to make sure you stay connected to those all-important values. If you prefer to operate from your laptop, simply download the Windows versions of our products.

valuation anywhere

How do I access real-time values?

We have the only independent, fully researched “live” valuation tool in the UK. On average, it includes 6 million real-time value movements between monthly publications, and offers up-to-date values every single day. Our data’s not only accurate and timely, but convenient too.

black book live - Live Vehicle ValuationsCommercial Vehicle Valuations (Red Book)motorcycle values - green book

Specialist Auctions and Remarketing

Everything you need for bespoke transactions and niche business.

How can I pass on good title to my buyers?

We offer a certain level of assurance for all vehicles, be they cars, LCVs, HGV trailers, used construction vehicles or agricultural machinery. As market leaders for vehicle history checks, our famous hpi Check is the most comprehensive provenance tool in the industry. Trusted right across the automotive industry for almost 80 years, we’re experts at checking for theft, loss, finance, registers and plate transfers for any used vehicle.

We’re here to help you avoid nasty surprises, ensuring good, clear title is passed onto your customers. And to make things even easier, you can check provenance not just by registration number, but also by VIN and Chassis using our software in conjunction with CESAR, DVLA and police databases, making for a provenance check that’s both exceedingly comprehensive and incredibly secure.

hpi check®

How do I best sell small volumes?

We offer a range of products that cover all aspects of values and provenance checking. So it doesn’t matter if you only sell a small number of vehicles per week – we can still help. And with the full backing of our services, you’ll get the same level of assurance and confidence enjoyed by larger auction houses and remarketing companies.

valuation anywherehpi check®vrm lookup

Can you assist with plant and equipment auctions?

Whenever a used construction or agricultural machine is bought or sold, we give you a whole new level of assurance. Auction and remarketing businesses can benefit from a CESAR online security check that provides accurate and valuable insight into a machine’s history, and offers you complete peace of mind. And with our software – used in conjunction with CESAR, DVLA and police databases – the result is yet another secure, comprehensive provenance check.

We’re trusted throughout the industry for the quality and comprehensiveness of our commercial vehicle values, helping you to smooth the decisions on reserves and values with your vendor and buyer customers.

hpi check®red book: New & Used Monitor (Commercial LCV & HGV)

What about insolvency, liquidators and official receivers?

If you need a flexible tool to value vehicles quickly, we have a range of tailored solutions to meet your needs. Whether you’re office-based or out on the road, we have tools and products that can be adapted to your requirements. Whenever you need to quickly assess an arising situation concerning provenance, risk and value, we can help you make the right decision.

hpi check®valuation anywhereblack book - Used Car Values

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