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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

Commercial Vehicle Valuations (Red Book)

Up to fifteen years of used vehicle valuations make the Comercial Vehicle Valuations an essential reference tool.


All the features you need

  • Database of 25,000 LCV IDs and 12,000 HGV IDs
  • Indexed by manufacturer, model and derivative
  • Adjustments for three trade conditions: cap Clean, Average and Below Average
  • Values dating back up to 15 years
  • Monthly editorial and market commentary
  • Suggested retail prices
  • Allowances for plate changes within each year
  • Also available on iPhone – with over 7.2 million used LCV values and full functionality offline


  • Greater accuracy enables profitable purchase and disposal decisions
  • Easy-to-search data is concisely laid out to facilitate clear decision making
  • Data reflects values qualified by cap hpi’s unrivalled team of expert editors, offering true independence and credibility

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