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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

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driveaway Insurance

Drive up sales with instant five day insurance cover

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gold book iQ

The clearest picture of future vehicle values in the UK

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hpi check®

Don’t let vehicles cost you money, time and reputation

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Malta odometer check

Digitally access this odometer verification services for all used vehicles leaving the UK bound for Malta.

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MOT Data Check

Valid MOT check – now included with every hpi check

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New Vehicle Data Key Information

Find the answers you need about our New Vehicle Data products

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new vehicle data: digital vehicle imagery

Providing the most advanced digital vehicle imagery for your website and marketing needs with New Vehicle Data vehicle imagery from cap hpi.

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nmr Mileage Services

Be certain your vehicles haven’t been ‘clocked’

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Option Values

Unlock the Hidden Value of Factory-Fitted Options with Option Values

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portfolio valuations

Generate instant insight into current and future disposal values within your fleet

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Track your assets and protect your interests

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Tyre Data

Find out a vehicle’s tyre width, profile, diameter and more by simply inputting the vehicle registration via cap hpi’s VRM look up.

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valuation anywhere

Access valuations immediately whenever and wherever you want.

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vehicle appraisal app

A modern electronic appraisal tool for a modern dealership

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Vehicle Census Report

Get an in-depth report on vehicle across different postcodes in the UK to help with vehicle sales and part stock locations.

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