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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

Vehicle hpi checks for Trade

Our famous hpi checks reveal forgotten secrets and provide complete peace of mind. Uncover in-depth histories like never before.

Comprehensive hpi checks trusted by the industry

We’re provenance experts, delivering the data to manage risk, maintain reputation and increase profit. Not only were we responsible for the very first history check, we’ve been reassuring businesses and organisations about the vehicles they purchase for over 80 years.

Try for yourself.

Greater accuracy. Greater access. Greater automation.

Get accurate appraisals and provenance reports

1 in 3 vehicles have something to hide—but not from us.

Access the largest independent UK database of vehicle mileages

We go the extra mile to ensure the vehicle you’re checking hasn’t.

Track your assets with our automatic security alerts

Don’t have time to keep on top of all your assets? Let us help.

It all starts and ends with our comprehensive dataset.

We offer the most comprehensive, accurate and reliable registered vehicle database in the country. From outstanding finance to stolen vehicles, it’s all too easy to get caught out – our data can provide the reassurance you need.

Use the substantial information at your disposal to uncover the truth, manage risk and uphold your reputation.

Super fast, totally accurate and available 24/7

Our powerful tools allow you to check any vehicle at any time. Detailed, credible and comprehensive, our provenance checks help minimise the threat of financial and reputational risk.

With an easy-to-use interface available on a variety of platforms, you’ll gain access to the most up to date information when you need it most. No other check gives you the same degree of reassurance about the vehicles you want to buy.

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