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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

Vehicle Specification Checks

Universally useful information, constantly updated and available when you need it most. Gain access to our extensive database.

All the data. All the time.

With our unparalleled insight into vehicle specifications, we enable organisations to maximise their profits and conversion rates. Gain an accurate insight into what’s inside a vehicle, reducing risk and helping organisations purchase lucrative stock and market this stock to its full potential. All at an accurate price and in real time.

Specify what you want and we’ll anticipate your needs

Learn more about customers and gain an edge on competitors

Then convert your advantage into profit, loyalty satisfaction.

See beyond the surface of a vehicle for more accurate pricing

No two cars are ever the same. Make sure you never get caught out.

Timely, accurate data, always available in a flash.

Refreshed weekly, it’s always the most up-to-date on the market.

Britain’s biggest database of vehicle information

With access to every car registered in the last 20 years, our data offers greater depth, breadth and value to your customers. We’ll help you identify the exact factory-fitted options for individual vehicles, allowing you to price them more accurately.

Alongside this, we’ll supply precise, detailed vehicle reports, including 360 degree ‘walk-around’ photographs to enhance your marketing materials.

Powered by our exclusive universal coding system

Save time accessing cross-sector data with our industry standard cap code. Our universal set of characters connect the entire automotive industry, taking the complex coding structures manufacturers use and creating a seamless, easy to understand language that can be used all over the world. Quick, efficient and cost effective, the cap code opens the door to complete option data for all new vehicle models.

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