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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

Vehicle Running Costs - Total Cost of Car Ownership

A rigorous exploration of vehicle costs that empowers smarter purchasing decisions. We’ll help you understand the bigger picture.

True transparency of vehicle purchasing and ownership

We provide unparalleled transparency across all parts of a vehicle’s value, giving leading organisations a clear and accurate total cost of ownership. This enables businesses to make the most intelligent purchasing and stock management decisions, in turn helping to increase sales and revenue by demonstrating the true life costs of vehicle ownership.

We offer you a deeper level of understanding

Don't lose money to any unforeseen service costs

Forecast and plan for costs using our suite of powerful SMR tools.

Analyse total costs in detail to improve your profitability

Cut your costs and be more accurate with your budget planning.

Analyse and understand the entire vehicle lifecycle

Our tools will help you predict operating costs on a large scale.

Our all-encompassing data provides you with the full picture

Whether it’s for a large fleet or to help you sell a car to a customer, when you access the vast amount of vehicle data at your disposal you can truly understand the total cost of ownership,

Our products, tools and services help you compare vehicles and make smarter decisions. The data we provide can also be used to power your own tools and grow your business.

Get the edge on your competition

So many ‘total cost of ownership’ tools available are incomplete. Not ours. For starters, we offer a huge dataset – the biggest in the UK by far. You’ll be empowered to make better decisions when it comes to planning, purchasing and disposals, and gain the edge when dealing directly with customers. Increase your sales with smarter insight.

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