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Maximising My Customer Experience

Use our data and expertise to deliver excellent service time and again.

What can I do to win new customers?

Whether your prospective customers come to you directly or via a dealership, win people over by giving them the most helpful, intuitive experience possible. This means offering them easy access to the information they need, such as the cost difference between their new vehicle and their part exchange, or exactly how much money they’ll need to borrow.

By providing expert guidance on just how much a vehicle will cost to run and if a it’s a safe, smart purchase will go a really long way. After all, a vehicle is a big investment – the more you do to help your customers get it right, the happier they’ll be. And at cap hpi we’ve got all the pieces you need to encourage more people to use your services.

hpi check®future vehicle value checkernew vehicle data checkresidual trackertotalcost - Lifetime Vehicle Running Costs

How do I retain my existing customers?

The quality of assistance you give your customers at the start of their journey should not be underestimated. If you’ve looked after them from the very beginning by helping them make a purchase decision that was right for them, they’re much more likely to come back next time.

For any thriving business, keeping in touch with your customers after a successful deal is paramount. We have services to help you stay connected and keep your records clean and up-to date. Our tools will let you target relevant customers with your latest promotions at key times, or simply remind your customers you’re there for any automotive eventuality. Our data sets are incredibly reliable and constantly updated. Last but not least, our bespoke products can alert you when a customer is back in the market for another vehicle and likely to need finance, priming you to reach out and contact them.

vrm lookupfuture vehicle value checkercapCalc - Fleet Valuationreactresidual trackertotalcost - Lifetime Vehicle Running Costs

How do I avoid potential issues?

The automotive industry is rife with potential pitfalls, but our products and services are here to protect you. You can accurately value a vehicle so the correct ‘loan to value’ ratio is achieved, or quickly understand the true history of a vehicle. 90% of vehicles on the road have undergone some form of data correction – it’s vital you reduce your risk potential across the board. Even small savings add up over time.

Not only do our web tools and datasets connect the entire automotive industry together, they also bring speed, simplicity and accuracy to your internal processes. When it comes to managing risk and due diligence, gone are the days of different, disparate systems – we’re a one stop shop that helps you achieve efficacy through efficiency.

residual trackerfuture vehicle value checkerhpi check®Vehicle spec checkreactvrm lookup

Enhancing My Online Presence

With software like ours, you can take your business to the next level.

What are people looking for online?

E-commerce is a huge area for growth – according to the British Retail Consortium, online sales of non-food products now accounts for more than one in every five pounds spent in the UK. Customers also value quick access to information; they’re looking for a way to cut through the endless possibilities and find a vehicle that suits both their lifestyle and their pocket.

By embedding our products on your site, you can provide exactly what they need, such as how much money they need to borrow, how much a vehicle will cost, the price difference between a new vehicle and their part exchange, and if the vehicle is a smart purchase in the first place.

hpi check®residual trackerVehicle spec checktotal cost of ownershipsmr forecast

How do I grow my digital offer?

Relationships with dealerships and traders are of utmost importance, but we understand you also need to expand your opportunities – our tools can help grab the attention of people who decide not to approach dealerships for their finance needs. All in all, your customers will appreciate your support – as a provider of information you’ll be perceived as a transparent, fair business they can really trust.

hpi check®Vehicle spec checktotal cost of ownershipsmr actualsblack book live - Live Vehicle Valuations

Managing My Asset Risk

We offer powerful protection against situations that are tough to predict.

How do I accurately identify vehicles?

When it comes to vehicle identification, we’ve got you covered. From a simple vehicle registration number, you can pull up a plethora of information about that vehicle, helping you stay on top of values and reduce your risk.

Our comprehensive VRM service – wrapped up with our cap code – is uniquely placed to make your life easier, connecting up everything within your business and across all the companies you work with. This means you’re always talking about the same vehicle make, model and derivative – no accidental errors that would cost you money. Our VRM and cap code automatically links the DVLA with the likes of the SMMT, Thatcham, ABI and MVRIS.

We’re unrivalled for ID and valuation accuracy. Our services gives you access to automatic code matching, a system for checking incorrect vehicle IDs, vehicle pack and factory fitted options, 100% returns from the DVLA database, accurate values and the most frequent vehicle ID updates in the business.

new vehicle data checkresidual trackervrm lookupVehicle spec checkhpi check®

How do I accurately value vehicles?

No one offers a more comprehensive or accurate service than us. From ‘live’ trade values to retail transacted values, we offer a true reflection of the current market value of any vehicle. Factoring in its condition and specification, we remove the guesswork from all our valuations.

We have picked up numerous awards for the accuracy of our products and services, reinforcing why we’re trusted to deliver. In tests against our closest competitor, our data was more accurate 77% of the time. We also have the greatest number of editors in the industry, constantly researching and analysing the market. Last but not least, we’re a multi award winning company for the quality, timeliness and comprehensiveness of our data.

new vehicle data checkresidual trackervrm lookupVehicle spec check

How do I predict accurate future values?

To lower your risk of losing money, you need reliable, accurate insight into the future value of your vehicle portfolios. With our data, you gain access to robust residual value forecasts for new vehicles up to five years into the future. We have the experience, the knowledge and the tools to help you get it right.

We can help you generate instant valuations of your fleets, and analyse future trends and risks. With our products, you can create instant, accurate and detailed reports, quantifying portfolio losses and reducing your financial risk. We can also improve your portfolio management by quantifying PCP exposure or Voluntary Termination risk, as well as assisting with compliance for Basel III requirements.

capCalc - Fleet Valuationresidual trackerfuture vehicle value checker

How do I protect my financial interests?

Data quality is critical to our success. The integrity with which we maintain our data is what sets us apart from our competitors, enabling us to deliver such an unparalleled level of service. At any one time, we typically have around 7.9 million finance interests recorded on the hpi Finance Register. Approximately one in every four vehicles in the UK is recorded as a finance interest, and around 180,000 vehicles are recorded on the HPI Security Register.

Furthermore, we’re able to provide various online media for recording, deleting and amending your data. Once recorded, a number of asset monitoring reports are available throughout the lifetime of your finance agreements.

hpi check®reactcrush watchsecurity watch

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