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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?


To protect your financed assets and minimise risk – register your interests on the cap hpi database. cap hpi will monitor and identify conflicts of interest and detect vehicle identity changes keeping you informed via our online suite of reports within react.


All the features you need

  • Assists with the challenges of data accuracy, reducing the need for manual data input
  • Tracks assets for any changes
  • Reduces workload by dynamically updating data
  • Reduces paperwork and time constraints associated with ensuring the asset is unencumbered of finance interests
  • Timely updates of key pieces of information such as Keeper Change Dates and Cherish Transfer notifications.
  • Automated email function showing finance clearance from counter-party
  • Easy to use, internet based system


  • Reduces risk associated with inaccurate data and protects your profit and reputation
  • Speeds up your processes and frees up valuable staff resource
  • Fewer telephone calls into your business reducing costs
  • Helps to prevent fraud by keeping you well informed
  • Provides a market leading solution to finance clearance challenges
  • No software required

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