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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

crush watch

Instead of leaving any vehicle you have an interest in exposed to the threat of being crushed or sold, now you can be notified when it has been seized and is at risk of being lost. Crush Watch puts you back in control of your assets at a time when they are most at risk, allowing you to decide whether or not to recover the vehicle.


Vital statistics

  • In 2014, police forces carried out more than 70,000 hpi Crush Watch checks on vehicles seized for having no insurance. The results speak for themselves.
  • 1 in 9 of the cars they seized were on finance
  • The average value of these was over £7,000
  • This represented a total of £56m worth of financed vehicles which were at risk of being sold or crushed

Simple to use

  • Sign up with hpi Crush Watch and every vehicle which has registered finance with hpi will automatically be checked by participating enforcement agencies – almost every police force in the UK
  • You will immediately be sent an email alert whenever such a
    vehicle is identified
  • This alert will be sent to a dedicated email address of your choice
  • The enforcement agency’s garage compound will be advised
    of your interest
  • You can then liaise directly with the garage to recover of the
    vehicle if you wish
  • You only pay for alerts you receive – there are no annual fees

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