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WLTP Solution design update from cap hpi

WLTP will be a significant change for the industry and the team at cap hpi is working with all stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition.

We have taken the approach that we would only communicate information that is valuable, relevant and timely.

There are a number of reasons why WLTP is challenging 

  • European Governments have yet to provide clarity on the working issues around WLTP and as a result, manufacturers are having difficulty in finding an appropriate way to display the information.

  • Communication between the UK and European arms of the manufacturers can take time.

  • There is a significant variance of progress across the industry.

    These have proved to be major challenges for the industry but we continue to work in very close liaison with the manufacturers and representative bodies during the course of this project.

    Working toward a solution for all.

    cap hpi is driving a design solution that can support all its customers.  A number of manufacturers would like to progress with the API design, while others are still weighing their options before committing to a particular route.

    The team at cap hpi has continued to work closely with all the main manufacturers. They are advising and supporting them in developing a solution that makes for a smooth, standardised transfer of data to their customers

    cap hpi’s solution

    cap hpi has started to scope a solution that will feed its customers’ systems. There are various content and process approaches from all manufacturers and cap hpi is recommending and aiming for one standardised approach WLTP. A ‘one solution’ route has a number of advantages:

  • It speeds up the process of data input and analysis

  • It reduces the potential for error

  • It allows for information to be passed on to fleets much quicker

  • It reduces the financial impact on fleets by allowing decisions to be made quickly

  • It reduces the financial impact on both cap hpi and our fleet customers

    Next steps

    Initial concept designs are underway for a ‘one solution’. The designs will be shared with customers as it is imperative that this design works effectively and is accurately in line with the data coming from the factories.

    It is expected that this will be a test and learn process in order to get the solution to a point where this can be shared across all of our customers.

    As 2017 closes the project will pick up pace. Despite the recent Government announcements regards WLTP timescales, cap hpi continues to work to the original deadline as set out by the Government. A full fleet system needs to be in play by 2019 and cap hpi will work with all customers in parallel with the solution work we conduct with the manufacturers.

    Customers who are most heavily impacted will be engaged to understand what technological steps are required to ensure that the proposed solution integrates successfully within member systems (both front and back end).

    Contact the team at cap hpi

    Beth Davies who heads up the WLTP project is currently arranging calls with our most interested customers at this stage, and provide the advice and guidance required.

    If you would like to schedule a discussion, please contact Beth at

    As soon as we have more news we will pass this on.

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