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Solera UK is already prepared for any potential blackouts in the UK

Whilst winter blackouts have potentially been forecast by the National Power Grid early in 2023, the owner of cap hpi, Audatex, Autodata & Hollander International is ready for them.

[date] 2022, LONDON – Solera Holdings, Inc., the parent company of cap hpi, Audatex, Autodata and Hollander International, says that work behind the scenes has already taken place to ensure that, if potential blackouts across the UK become a reality, its data, content and software services will remain up and running for any business able to use them.

The news comes in response to the Government setting out its worst-case scenario plans to manage the potential for energy blackouts during the first few months of 2023, according to National Grid boss John Pettigrew.

In 2022, Solera initiated a major exercise in safeguarding its data and content resources for its UK businesses, ensuring that, were some form of local or global problem to ensue, Solera’s services would remain unaffected by this activity.

Chris Wright, VP of Sales for Solera UK commented: “Speculation continues to mount regarding a UK energy crisis – both in terms of cost and supply. If the worst happens, periodically, the lights may literally go out across Britain. As we understand currently, businesses are being prioritised over domestic properties. Notwithstanding this, our Business Continuity plan continues to be rigorously tested and the Data Centres which support our operation have the capability to run indefinitely without “street power”. We therefore foresee no degradation in our ability to provide customers with our data and software applications.”


Solera is a leading global provider of integrated vehicle lifecycle and fleet management software-as-a-service, data, and services. Through four lines of business – vehicle claims, vehicle repairs, vehicle solutions and fleet solutions – Solera is home to many leading brands in the vehicle lifecycle ecosystem, including Identifix, Audatex, DealerSocket, Omnitracs, eDriving/Mentor, Explore, CAP HPI, Autodata, and others. Solera empowers its customers to succeed in the digital age by providing them with a “one-stop shop” solution that streamlines operations, offers data-driven analytics, and enhances customer engagement, which Solera believes helps customers drive sales, promote customer retention, and improve profit margins. Solera serves over 300,000 global customers and partners in 100+ countries. For more information, visit

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