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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

Digital mileage verification service for Maltese motor market

Maltese dealers and vehicle importers can now benefit from a new digital mileage verification service from cap hpi consulting.

The new service supports the importation of vehicles into the Maltese automotive market and is officially approved by Transport Malta. Every vehicle imported to Malta from the UK requires an odometer conformance check.

All data is verified by cap hpi through its comprehensive access to the National Mileage Register (NMR) database, ensuring all mileage information is accurate and up to date. NMR is the most extensive databases in the UK and is made up of over 350 million mileage readings, increasing by an average of 1.4 million a week. It uses data from 27 different suppliers and is recommended by Trading Standards to validate the mileage of used vehicles.

Developed by experts at cap hpi consulting, the used vehicle odometer tool provides verification services for vehicles imported to Malta from the UK. The tool represents the latest piece of work cap hpi consulting has done in Malta following the provision of a dedicated vehicle valuations service for Transport Malta.

The activity forms part of cap hpi’s ongoing expansion into EU markets with vehicle valuations already successfully established in Germany and France.

The website offers quick and efficient access to odometer verification services for all used vehicles leaving the UK bound for Malta. The new system lets the customer identify, check, pay and verify in less than a minute. Customers can also access support from a dedicated team ready to monitor and address any queries.

All mileage data entered by the applicant is cross-referenced against the NMR database.

Mark Turnbull, head of global consulting at cap hpi commented: “This new digital service seamlessly combines data and technology to create a smooth customer experience. cap hpi consulting were able to create this bespoke system for the market in Malta due to the mix of extensive data sets and expertise we have access to in the business.”

The team at cap hpi consulting combine automotive expertise with the latest technology and advanced data to help companies operate more effectively.

View the Malta odometer check here.

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