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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

cap hpi’s global consulting team present a series of analytical reports specifically for the automotive industry.

The first of these is Diesel decline? Impacts across the automotive value chain.

This report analyses the key factors driving the decline in demand for diesel vehicles in the new and used markets. It examines the consequent impact on residual values and considers how this will influence stakeholders in the European vehicle industry and market.

The report contains:

Invaluable insight for shareholders and senior management to make informed business choices for the short, mid and long term

Analysis from within country editors in the EU to reflect on the situational analysis, what it means for the automotive industry, how it will affect diesel values across different countries and sectors

Provides a high level of detail and depth of data

Will support future decisions and risk assessment associated with diesel vehicles on an operational and strategic level

An analytical paper that provides evidence towards situational analysis, reflections on how diesel decline will impact individual markets, sector and countries

Contains residual values data for various European countries

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