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Growing My Fleet FAQs

01Which are the best vehicles for my fleet?

You want to populate your fleet with the vehicles that will give you the greatest returns. We can help. With our range of powerful products, you can track and analyse the residual value performances of vehicles, gain insight into how those values are arrived at and make decisions accordingly. By identifying the strongest performing future residual values, you can draw lower rentals for your customers.

We’ll help you identify vehicles with attractive whole life costs and provide accurate service, maintenance and repair costs. With our data at your fingertips, you can make direct comparisons between vehicles and weigh up their relative strengths and weaknesses. We’ll help you make not just the right choice, but the smart choice.

02How can I streamline my order process?

An efficient business is a profitable business. We can open up communication channels with your suppliers and help you identify a vehicle – from its specification right down to factory fitted options, colour code and trim combinations.

When it comes to vehicle choices, we can simplify the complexities. We’ll help you understand option rules and pack contents. That means less time spent getting dealerships to confirm specifications. What’s more, our comprehensive new vehicle data allows your customers to raise their own quotations, and order their own vehicles. This dramatically reduces the stress placed on your sales support team and frees up time your of your account managers.

03How do I best negotiate with my suppliers?

Your relationships with suppliers are vital to your business, so seamless communication is a must. Quickly track down and identify an exact vehicle with our tools, including its specification and technical data. Make sure you’re fully prepared when negotiating terms of supply with vehicle manufacturers – we’ll help you understand residual values and how they’re derived. We can also help you make comparisons across brands and analyse historical performances.

Our range of products make performing valuations on your fleet easy, aiding negotiations with your finance providers. We appreciate just how keen they are to see your performance against the future residual values you originally set. You can also review budgets for service, maintenance and repair, and track your previous spend by derivative.

04How can I improve my customers’ experience?

We’re here to help you empower your customers and provide them with new ways of researching and selecting a vehicle via your website. Our comprehensive vehicle data and detailed specifications let people see all the associated costs for themselves and choose a vehicle that meets their exact needs. The data we provide is always clearly displayed – it’s easy to use and understand.

We use the same language across brands, making vehicle comparisons simple. A driver can compare their current model to a new one with ease using our vehicle registration look up. With our embedded services, customers will prefer spending time on your website far more than trawling through individual manufacturer sites. Being able to compare models and costs across brands simultaneously enhances their experience and your reputation.

05How do we compare to our competitors?

If you’re going to come out on top, you need to know where you sit amongst your closest competitors. We can give you all the insight and data you need – not only in terms of residual value and maintenance budgets but also average rentals, With our tools, you can easily benchmark your company’s position against your peers and counterparts.

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Relevant Products

We’ve got a selection of products available for every need. Take a look at a few we picked below:

Not sure what you need? Get in touch with a member of our team for help.

Contact us or call 0113 222 2000

Relevant Products

We’ve got a selection of products available for every need. Take a look at a few we picked below:

Not sure what you need? Get in touch with a member of our team for help.

Contact us or call 0113 222 2000

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