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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

Powering My Advice Services FAQs

01What data is available for me to use?

Our data is used to power some of the country’s most popular consumer sites and comparison tools. Our New Vehicle Data and Vehicle Identity Check help consumers identify and understand car specifications in order to make true comparisons. This can be used to assist with accurate valuations and run vehicle comparators.

We provide the most accurate data in the industry because we cover more cars than anyone else and we have unique access to data for both standard specs and optional extras. Valuations offer people a real idea as to how much their car is worth, and with our Total Cost of Ownership and SMR Data, you can give consumers a deeper understanding of a vehicle’s cost over time – let them see the entire picture, not just part of it.

02How can I make best use of the data?

With our New Vehicle Data, you can build configurators that compare different models and prices – something your customers will appreciate massively, as it offers them inspiration for their next car purchase and a decent idea of what it will cost. We already power some of the most famous consumer advice services in the country.

We also help dealerships with car classifieds – when a potential customer is searching for stock, the classified section has information for every car. This includes vehicle spec, age, costs, optional extras, images – all from data provided by us. And with cap hpi, you not only get the data, you also get it interpreted correctly in ways that meet your customers’ needs.

03What are the benefits of using cap hpi data?

With our data powering your tools, you can provide the answers people are looking for right from your very own website. You can offer high quality car photography, detailed specifications and a full rundown of how much it costs to buy and run a vehicle, all from one place. So when a consumer is in the market for a new car, they don’t need to trawl the web – you can offer them everything they need.

Our data not only allows consumers to make smarter, more informed decisions, it also increases the ‘stickiness’ of your website, boosting leads and conversion rates. And because we’re renowned across the automotive industry, people will appreciate the standing we bring. Not only is our data used by the Government, we also work closely with the DVLA, the police, and numerous motor insurance companies. Top businesses in Britain trust our data – you can too.

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