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Maximising My Customer Experience FAQs

01What can I do to win new customers?

Whether your prospective customers come to you directly or via a dealership, win people over by giving them the most helpful, intuitive experience possible. This means offering them easy access to the information they need, such as the cost difference between their new vehicle and their part exchange, or exactly how much money they’ll need to borrow.

By providing expert guidance on just how much a vehicle will cost to run and if a it’s a safe, smart purchase will go a really long way. After all, a vehicle is a big investment – the more you do to help your customers get it right, the happier they’ll be. And at cap hpi we’ve got all the pieces you need to encourage more people to use your services.

02How do I retain my existing customers?

The quality of assistance you give your customers at the start of their journey should not be underestimated. If you’ve looked after them from the very beginning by helping them make a purchase decision that was right for them, they’re much more likely to come back next time.

For any thriving business, keeping in touch with your customers after a successful deal is paramount. We have services to help you stay connected and keep your records clean and up-to date. Our tools will let you target relevant customers with your latest promotions at key times, or simply remind your customers you’re there for any automotive eventuality. Our data sets are incredibly reliable and constantly updated. Last but not least, our bespoke products can alert you when a customer is back in the market for another vehicle and likely to need finance, priming you to reach out and contact them.

03How do I avoid potential issues?

The automotive industry is rife with potential pitfalls, but our products and services are here to protect you. You can accurately value a vehicle so the correct ‘loan to value’ ratio is achieved, or quickly understand the true history of a vehicle. 90% of vehicles on the road have undergone some form of data correction – it’s vital you reduce your risk potential across the board. Even small savings add up over time.

Not only do our web tools and datasets connect the entire automotive industry together, they also bring speed, simplicity and accuracy to your internal processes. When it comes to managing risk and due diligence, gone are the days of different, disparate systems – we’re a one stop shop that helps you achieve efficacy through efficiency.

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