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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

Identifying Profit On My Vehicles FAQs

04How do I maximise the price of my new and used vehicles?

When it comes to vehicle performance, you want the whole story. We offer a one stop shop – our tools are designed to give you the edge. See performance trends and gaps for all your individual vehicle types, in turn increasing profits and reducing risks. We analyse everything from historic, current and future values for every model and derivative, through to overall running costs. We also track the performance and cost of replacement parts and how they compare in the market.

If you want to fine tune your prices to maximise sales, sell more finance, optimise the management of vehicle values, make your new and used vehicle stock more visible online, or simply need to know the best time to onfleet or defleet, we have all the tools you need. And we’re not just here to advise – you can access all our data directly, presented in a way that’s useful and clear. We believe smarter decisions lead to higher profits and lower risks.

05How do I improve the cost of ownership of my vehicles?

For all your vehicles, we can help you break down, analyse and understand all the factors affecting the competitive performance of every individual running cost.

Whether that be vehicle tax costs, service and maintenance costs (including labour rates) or fuel costs, we have the tools and information you need to monitor and track the performance of your vehicles over time. We can even drill down into the cost of parts, their life expectancy and how they compare.

06How do I minimise risk on my assets?

Our renowned hpi check – famous across the automotive industry – allows you to uncover the entire history of a vehicle. Worry less about hidden secrets with a comprehensive overview of a vehicle’s past. Our services offer vital protection for your business and franchises in the event you are challenged and – crucially – safeguard both your reputation and your financial risk.

It’s not just the hpi check we’re famous for. We’re also the owners of trusted, award winning current and future vehicle values. Notable for their accuracy and comprehensiveness, we can help you minimise risk by understanding and predicting the true value of your vehicles. No-one else offers so much accuracy and coverage all in one place.

07How can I best analyse data on my used vehicles?

When it comes to crunching the numbers, leave it to us. With our web tools, you’ll be able to analyse the residual value performance of your vehicles with speed and ease – all the information you need, right at your fingertips.

We’ll help you track, chart and monitor numerous factors affecting every element of your vehicles, not to mention performance gaps and trends. Knowledge is power, so make sure you’re in the know.

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