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Option Values

Unlock the Hidden Value of Factory-Fitted Options with Option Values


Do you know the real value of the factory fitted options on all of your vehicles?

With cap hpi you can! Using our Valuation Anywhere tool you can now value the factory fitted spec of a vehicle as well as the base specification for even more accurate valuations.

Crucial to anyone involved in valuing a used vehicle at the optimal price, option values are often overlooked, but factory-fit options can be worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds, years after the new vehicle has rolled off the production line.

Our Option Values are free as part of Valuation Anywhere, our most popular valuation tool.

See how much you’d lose if you ignored the factory fit option even on used vehicles:

Example 1

A 6 year old Volkswagen Golf R 5dr with 25,000 miles. Options added are electric panoramic sunroof and 19” Pretoria black Alloy wheels.

Example 2

A 5 year old Ford Fiesta 1.0T Titanium 5dr with 25,000 miles. Style Pack with 17” alloy wheels, B&O Premium audio system and openable panorama roof.

Example 3

A 5 year old Range Rover Evoque HSE Dynamic 5dr with 40,000 miles. Technology pack – Evoque HSE/SE Dynamic and 20” 9 spoke alloy wheels.

How the options affect the value

Clean ValueRetail value
Without option values£21,100£23,250
With option values£22,000£24,150

How the options affect the value

Clean ValueRetail value
Without option values£11,100£11,800
With option values£12,895£13,595

How the options affect the value

Clean ValueRetail value
Without option values£21,950£25,000
With option values£23,250£26,300

Key features & benefits

  • See all factory-fit options on each vehicle plus the cost of each one new
  • Find the used value of these optional extras in seconds
  • Set a more realistic value for every vehicle
  • Obtain more realistic part ex values
  • Maximize the potential value across your entire vehicle stock
  • Improve your advertising by highlight the value of factory fitted extras
  • Ensure you don’t buy or sell at a price that will hurt
  • Free as part of Valuation Anywhere

To learn more about Valuation Anywhere and our free Option Values feature, complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch to provide more information.

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