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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

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spec check

Two cars may look the same, but are you losing money by
overlooking the factory-fitted optional extras? Only by identifying the exact factory-fitted options and exactly what they’re worth in re-sale value will give you the true value of a vehicle. hpi spec check will help you realise the best price for every vehicle you sell.

All the features you need

  • Type in the vehicle’s registration to access the UK’s
    ONLY factory-fit database
  • Instantly receive the manufacturer’s standard options and list price alongside the optional extras
  • Get a useful 5 star rating for each vehicle advising whether it is low to high specification
  • Print out PDFs to easily display your higher spec’d vehicles


  • Price your stock correctly by accurately identifying
    all optional extras
  • Give your advertising and negotiations the edge
  • Buy your stock with confidence by paying the right
    price for the right vehicle
  • Easily distinguish the optional extras and the right
    value against two seemingly identical vehicles
  • Choose hpi spec check as an option on the hpi check
    and vehicle ID check