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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

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Cuando contamos con unos datos eficientes y completos,
podemos hacer cosas increíbles con ellos. Déjenos ayudarle a encontrar lo que necesita.


cap hpi CODE

We offer something truly groundbreaking – a common coding structure that connects all our international data assets and identifies vehicles globally. This enables customers to use the same coding structure in every region and uniquely identify any vehicle in any country. It also means they can return any of our data assets against that code.

The global code facilitates the identification of similar vehicles in different markets, enabling simple, cross-border operations. Vehicles transported from one country can easily be identified in another, reducing risk and increasing profitability.


cap hpi METHOD

Our data is structured and calculated in a consistent way across every market and for every country. No adjustment or harmonisation is required. We provide the highest quality data in line with the market-leading standards we have delivered in the UK for almost 40 years.


cap hpi HUB

We provide all the data assets required for the complete vehicle lifecycle, with every data field returned against the global code. As a one stop shop, there’s no need to source different types of data for the same vehicle from separate suppliers – we simplify the data supply and reduce costs. What’s more, our API-based access offers continuously updated information on demand.

Services we offer

cap hpi SPEC

We offer comprehensive Specification Data for all vehicles. This includes price, standard equipment, options, and technical data.

cap hpi VALUE

Our Forecast Values offer a consistent, comparable methodology for all vehicles. Our Used Values are based on the maximum available sales data for each country.

cap hpi COST

We’ll help you figure out and analyse the running costs and repair schedules of your vehicles. We also offer a complete understanding of a vehicle’s overall cost, enabling accurate comparisons of all aspects of ownership and repair.

How our data is used

Our data can be used within our own purpose-built applications, but is also designed to be used as raw data within independent third-party systems. Talk to us about the use of cap hpi data in the following:

Residual Value Analysis

Tracking used and forecast values for a basket of competitor vehicles.

Service Maintenance and Repair

Tracking cost of ownership values for baskets of vehicles.

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Tracking cost of ownership values for baskets of vehicles.


Accurate specification data enabling vehicles to be configured, ordered or compared.


Forecast and reforecast value of a portfolio of vehicles to manage risk/exposure.


Accurately describe and value used vehicles for sale within Dealer Management Systems, website or sales systems & locators.

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