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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

nmr Mileage Services - Vehicle Mileage Check

False odometer readings on your vehicles can hurt your profits and your reputation. Use our National Mileage Register (NMR) services and you’ll save money and protect your good name. NMR is the largest independent database of vehicle mileages in the UK, and offers you a choice of services – from a quick and simple check to a more thorough inspection.


A simple check or full investigation?

  • nmr check – avoid paying over the odds for a vehicle with tampered mileage and guard against the significantly bigger financial penalties of selling it on
  • nmr investigation – give your customers the peace of mind that the mileages on your vehicles are accurate, and that they can buy
    with confidence


  • Avoid financial loss with quick and easy mileage verification
  • Use the UK’s largest and most comprehensive vehicle mileage database
  • Give your customers the confidence to buy with complete mileage verification
  • Avoid litigation claims against your business
  • Comply with the Consumer Protection Act
  • Choose a quick check or a full mileage investigation report

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