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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

Vehicle Census Report

cap hpi’s Vehicle Census report gives you an in-depth look at the vehicles across every postcode in the UK so you can best decide where to sell and stock your vehicles and parts. Customers can also request a bespoke report tailored to their specific needs.



  • The report is made up of over 150 fields of vehicle data and includes information on make, model, vehicle segment, fuel type, engine size, engine model, CO2, body type, registration date, date sold, number of owners, ownership type, postal sector of current keeper, colour and tyre information and age.
  • This data rich report also gives you information on individual vehicle type by a selected area eg region, county, town, postcode
  • Stock the right parts for the most popular vehicles in your area * Comprehensive data detailing make and models grouped to specific postcodes across all manufacturers

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  • Includes cars, LCVs HGVs, Motorcycles, Motorhomes and agricultural vehicles
  • Shows distance and drive time to your retail locations
  • Analyse your specific market based on vehicle population, age and vehicle type by region and postcode
  • Understand market trends and forecast sales
  • Plan stocking levels by sales location or dealer network
  • Quantify opportunities for vehicle servicing and repairs
  • Align your parts stock to meet the demand across every postcode

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