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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

Tyre Data

cap hpi provides the most trusted and most popular VRM Lookup service in the UK. Licensed directly from DVLA, this service contains the most complete set of data covering all UK registered vehicles. You can access vehicle tyre data as part of the VRM lookup which gives you all the information you need to advertise correctly


Key Features

  • Tyre data supplied simply by inputting vehicle registration
  • Width, Profile, Diameter (RIM), Load Index and Speed Rating
  • Data can be returned as an XML feed for your web site or as a standalone desktop application (ideal for your tyre centre)
  • Typical response times of 0.1 seconds
  • VRM or VIN to component


  • A simple solution for your website sales, as well as Improving the efficiency of your fast-fit tyre centres, Mobile tyre fitters and general tyre centres.
  • Advertise a vehicle with the correct tyres as per the manufacturer, which is vehicle models standard tyre, with all the potential optional fitted tyre.
  • Ensure you order the right tyre size every time and reduce potential cost of returns
  • Save time on getting the correct tyre information to include on your website

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