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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

trade value of vehicles (Raw Data)

cap hpi trade values means you’ll never pay over the odds for a vehicle again. With the industry’s most accurate values for vehicles up to 20 years old, you can now receive live updates or comprehensive snapshots of the market. No-one gives you more accurate values in such an easily searchable and useable format.


All the features you need

  • Comprehensive – our database has more than 60,000 car IDs dating back 20 years
  • Accurate – recommended retail price data via daily market feeds – proven to be more accurate than our nearest competitor 77% of the time
  • Easy to use – all vehicles are indexed by manufacturer, model and derivative
  • Flexible – get adjustments for three trade conditions: cap Clean, Average and Below Average Values
  • Up to date – daily updates give access to over 6 million real-time trade value movements that occur in between monthly publications
  • Credible – expert editorial and market commentary providing valuable insight


  • Get all the vehicle data you’ll need with 100% fill-in values
  • Make more profitable purchase and disposal decisions
  • Save time on clear decision making with easy-to-search data
  • Keep your pricing competitive with values that reflect the real market
  • Stay on top of market movements with the most up-to-date trade information available
  • Have the confidence of using data qualified by our unrivalled team of expert editors, offering true independence and credibility

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