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portfolio valuations

Generate instant insight into current and future disposal values within your fleet


Your Portfolio

Keeping track of your portfolio’s fluctuating profitability is no easy task. It’s important to have full visibility of your fleet’s value so you can make provisions in the accounts for potential profit and loss. Without this, you could risk losing money or potential business.

portfolio valuations from cap hpi has been developed in close consultation with major fleet operators and provides visibility of your entire portfolio’s current and future value. This puts you in control of your assets and gives you access to comprehensive information, exactly when you need it.

What does portfolio valuations do?

portfolio valuations takes an extremely time consuming task and makes it incredibly simple and efficient. You can generate instant valuations of your fleet, across all vehicle types, allowing you to manage any differences between newly forecast residual values and the original residual value that was set. Without this insight, future profitability is not visible.

Features & Benefits

Visibility to profitability
Reduce financial risk by accurately measuring portfolio gains and losses. Access to cap hpi’s comprehensive datasets allows you to manage your profit and loss strategy much more effectively.

Comprehensive data
portfolio valuations is powered by cap hpi’s market-leading current used values, used future residual values and retail values. It allows the user to select the price points to use based on cap hpi’s 3 conditions: Clean, Average and Below.

Fast and easy-to-use
Generate instant valuations for your fleet, saving you time and money. The easy-to-use format minimises errors, providing reports with improved depth and quality.

Real world
portfolio valuations uses current and up-to-date valuation data that reflects actual market conditions. This provides relevant and accurate information to support your remarketing decisions.

Future values
You can view values on specific future dates, allowing you to maximise disposal profitability by assessing alternative contract end dates.

Easily identify vehicles
There is the ability to use Vehicle Registration Mark and VIN as well as cap Code and cap ID to easily identify your vehicles. A simple vehicle report can be selected to assist in potential sale and leaseback opportunities. This greatly speeds up the process, saving you time and increasing productivity.

In-depth reporting
portfolio valuations comes with a comprehensive reporting suite, all with detailed context so you can assess how your fleet is performing. This includes ID check, used values, future values, movements, mileages, disposals and unsold vehicles. Plus, you can increase efficiency by accessing easily reproduced historic reports for internal or external auditing purposes.

Seamless integration
portfolio valuations’ smart CSV report output enables integration into your own business system. All reports may be output via PDF also.

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