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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

Putting cap hpi data to the test

Methodology used to produce the results has been developed with expert support from the University of Leeds Institute for Transport Studies – an independent body from cap hpi.

There’s mileage in paying for accurate data.

Whichever way you cut the facts, you can make more money using cap hpi values.

To prove it we tested our data against three different competitors and the results show that dealers, large and small, benefit financially from more accurate data.

Look at the examples below.

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Small independent dealers

  • One site selling 30 cars, all makes and models, save £1,645 every year
  • One site selling 35 cars all under 5 years old, save £1,783 every year
  • One site selling 40 cars, all makes and models save £2,193 every year

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Dealers with

  • 2 sites, each selling 40 cars, all makes and models save £4,568 every year.
  • 3 sites, each selling 50 cars, all makes and models save £8,564 every year.
  • 5 sites, each selling 80 cars, all makes and models, save £22,838 every year.

Multi-National Dealers with

  • 10 sites, each selling 85 cars, all makes and models save £48,532 every year.
  • 15 sites, each selling 100 cars, all makes and models save £85,644 every year.
  • 20 sites, each selling 110 cars, all makes and models, save £125,611 every year.

Did you know…

60% of vehicles are valued within 10% of the trade selling price at cap hpi, compared with 48% using data from other providers.

Take a closer look at the stats

  • 19,569 randomly selected vehicles were chosen for the comparison.
  • 49 manufacturers, from Abarth to Volvo were compared.
  • 13 different vehicle segments from Citycars to Luxury Executives included in the comparison.
  • All fuel types included (except hydrogen).
  • vehicles between 0 and 11 years old included.

Do these figures relate to my own business?

We’ve only shown you a small number of examples

Each dealer is different. Put us to the test to see how we can make you more money. We can compare:

  • How many days you’re open
  • The number of sites you own
  • The number of cars on site
  • Your average stock rotation
  • Profit per vehicle

How do we know this is true?

cap hpi approached the Leeds Business School for Transport Studies to analyse the method we used to come to our findings.

This is an independent, academic body, with no affiliation to cap hpi. The data scientists at the business school were asked to analyse our methodology and approach.

This was to ensure that not only the data was statistically fair and viable, but that the methodology would result in a fair and accurate comparison of the data across all 4 competitors.

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What our customers say

  • “After over 36 years in the motor trade of using a competitor I was a little worried about changing over to cap hpi, but I am so pleased that we changed, and now find it to be a big improvement.”
  • “I’ve always used cap hpi and one of its competitors, but cap hpi is more relevant. What it says is what auctions and leasing companies say. It’s definitely the industry standard for valuations by most CRM/DMS providers.”
  • “The VRM look-up is terrific, everything can be done within seconds so I can get on-the-spot values. I use it 24 hours a day, either on my iPhone or iPad. I trust CAP values 100%.”
  • “I always recommend cap hpi to my clients as it is reliable and always up-to-date. The data is easy to use and supported by most CRM/DMS providers.”

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