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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

new vehicle data: digital vehicle imagery

Providing the most advanced digital vehicle imagery for your website and marketing needs with New Vehicle Data vehicle imagery from cap hpi.


Today, the motorist has a myriad of websites and suppliers to help them choose their next vehicle. The quality of the images you offer them is paramount to their choice of provider. Research by IMAGIN.Studio shows 99% of prospects leave websites that don’t use high-quality images.

Ensure your customers have all they need to choose a vehicle that meets their exact needs by offering high resolution, digital images, alongside detailed specifications.

With cap hpi you have access to EVERY car and van sold across Europe. There are no gaps.

Use new vehicle digital imagery to eradicate:

  • Long lead times for images
  • Mediocre images that won’t scale
  • Inconsistent images provision across different makes
  • Missing images for some models
  • The inability to overlay an image atop your own brand backgrounds


  • High resolution images to suit every modern-day website or print application
  • Every European model from every manufacturer – no gaps
  • New-model launch images available almost 85% faster than traditional methods
  • Consistent imagery for a more professional look
  • Multiple exterior images providing 360 degree viewing angles
  • Your choice of two levels of API service

Choose the service level that best suits your needs.

Standard Package of high quality imagery of every vehicle in an easy to use format for your website.

  • 6 consistent vehicle angles
  • 1 paint colour (grey for cars / white for LCVs)
  • 400 px resolution
  • Jpg format
  • cap-hpi tailored license plates

Premium package for a more advanced package of high-quality imagery and full control, flexibility and customization of your customer offering.

  • Images covering a 360-degree viewing angle of every vehicle
  • Every OEM paint colour for each model
  • Up to 4k resolution
  • Transparent png or webp format
  • Add your own branded license plates
  • CAP ID integration (expected end of 2021)
  • Optional extras such as
    - A paint swatch service
    - The ability to post to existing dealer advertising services
  • And coming soon:
    - Wheel options
    - Interiors
    - Lifestyle Backgrounds

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