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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

lcv chooser

lcv chooser from cap hpi has been developed in close consultation with commercial vehicle specialists. It is an online configuration tool that allows you to quickly select and compare the specification of light commercial vehicles based on end user requirements.


What does lcv chooser do?

lcv chooser gives you the flexibility to select and compare light commercial vehicles, so you can quickly match any customer requirements. Using cap hpi’s comprehensive datasets, the full technical and specification data is clearly displayed, together with the finer details such as VAT and vehicle excise duty.

Once you have a short list of vehicles you can choose which data fields to export, as either an Excel file or PDF document.

What type of business needs lcv chooser?

Fleet, Leasing and Rental. Dealerships and Traders. Manufacturers


  • Search exact requirements – In addition to inputting the basic requirements of: vehicle type, fuel, transmission, seating capacity, weights and dimensions, lcv chooser allows you narrow down your search criteria based on: power output, CO2, EURO emissions and key standard equipment. Results are returned quickly, saving you valuable time.
  • Compare up to six models – Enjoy a clearer picture of what’s available with the ability to compare up to six models at once. Having access to this amount of information in one place provides considerable time saving benefits.
  • Full specification detail is displayed – against every model you’ll be able to view the vehicle description, with the full technical and specification data. Even the VAT and VED information is displayed, providing clarity to you and your customers.
  • A LCV product knowledge portal – help your employees build up their knowledge of LCV products available, with the ability to make specification comparisons across all brands.


  • Export to Excel or PDF – Choose the exact fields you’d like to export, with the flexibility to create bespoke documents that meet both your internal needs and your customers’ needs. With detailed specification information that can be provided to your customers, the amount of calls and queries into your support teams is greatly reduced.
  • Drive customer satisfaction – The accuracy of the searches allow you to not only suggest the right vehicles for your customers, but increase their range of choice, greatly enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Increases efficiency and reduces operating costs – Manually selecting and comparing vehicles can be extremely time consuming. lcv chooser streamlines this process, saving time and reducing operating costs.
  • Seamless Integration – cap hpi can explore the option of linking lcv Chooser to your existing platforms ensuring all data is fully utilised and easily accessible.

“This is a fantastic tool that my team can use with ease. You don’t need to be a commercial vehicle expert to use it and it’s great for those with less experience. lcv chooser greatly assists in helping to match the right van with the customer and saves valuable time in collating information that we used to get from various sources. The quality of data is second to none”

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