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For accurate and relevant values, use cap car values.
They are driven by the market, produced in real-time and are fully digital.


cap car values - the new way of valuing vehicles

The used car market is constantly changing, which can have a significant impact on vehicle values. cap reacts quickly to these fast-paced events and influences, accurately calculating values in real-time. cap is totally digital; it is this combined with the way in which we handle large amounts of data that allows us to be consistent with the market.

We are completely transparent as to how we produce our car values. cap has a team of local market experts in any country. Editors and analysts are constantly monitoring market evolution and ensure the accuracy of cap car values.

cap car values are available in the France, Germany and the UK, so you can make cross-border comparisons from a single data provider – cap.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Vehicle values in real time – use current and relevant information all the time. React to market forces and use the right values to make your decisions accurate.
  • Multidimensional depreciation patterns – cap car values are driven by a unique methodology, taking into consideration age, mileage and specification to provide you with the right information, first time.
  • Real, market-driven values – cap car values reflect the market as they are driven by the market; there is no guesswork, just facts! Your business requires precision; ensure the car values you use are accurate.
  • Completely digital – integrate cap car values into your systems with ease, such as dealer management systems, insurance risk management systems, fleet management systems, digital or web based apps, and other internal or external systems.
  • Bespoke product and studies – we also provide cap car values for discrete projects such as valuing fleets. Our data is flexible and simple to use, contact us if you have a specific requirement.
cap's dynamic methodology

The automotive market changes in real-time and so does the data. This short video explains how our approach and methodology allow us to offer accurate, market-driven values.

How do businesses use cap car values?

Manufacturers (OEM)
Car manufacturers use cap car values to monitor, track,
compare and report on the current performance of own and competitor brand car models on a daily basis.

As cap car values can digitally integrate with internal or external software solutions, they are ideal for integration in fleet management solutions. Markets move quickly; this can have a financial impact. Fleet managers need to know what their assets are worth today, not a month ago, to create attractive sales-and-leaseback rates or optimal sales price for asset disposal.

The car finance industry is competitive, winning business and providing consumers with a quick decision on their car finance application is essential. cap car values can be integrated into software systems, which supply risk and authorisation algorithms, to automate designated decision making processes when a potential customer is searching for car finance online. cap car values are also used if a customer defaults on their payments. The finance company may be required to repossess the vehicle and dispose of the asset to recover their investment, so need to know what the car is worth to maximise the return.

Tech and digital
Technology and digital businesses are thriving and are continuing to develop new automotive solutions for their customers. Many use cap car values for applications such as online tools to drive sales using a part-exchange calculator, automate reserve prices on auction sites, quote monthly repayment or finance on purchase, loan or fleet contracts. If you have an application that requires car values, speak to cap.

As an insurer, valuing a car at the right price when quoting for car insurance after an accident or a total loss is crucial. Getting these values wrong could affect customer confidence and brand equity, which could increase customer attrition. cap car values will integrate easily into your existing or future software system solutions.

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Revaluing vehicle portfolios

Revaluing vehicle portfolios in bulk is important for anyone that owns or manages a fleet of vehicles, including car manufacturers, fleet management, finance, leasing or rental companies. cap car values can be used to have a regular and accurate view of vehicle assets to:

  • predict valuation and depreciation pre-contract or registration, supporting decisions regarding fleet composition

  • regularly reassess individual or whole portfolio vehicle assets during contract, suitable for setting accounting provision or monitoring risk and exposure when making decisions in-fleet or to de-fleet

  • accurately set remarking valuations at the end of contract to ensure vehicles are sold at their optimum price, maximising revenue and minimising time in stock

cap can provide a bulk valuation service either through dedicated software or against a customer’s input file format, matching against VIN, licence plate, industry codes or other vehicle descriptions.


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