The digital pioneers with experience

What better than the combination of old and new… cap has been in the UK for 80 years; now we bring this experience and the latest digital technology to France.

We are cap

Experienced innovators

We at cap have been successfully operating in the UK market for 80 years, and from there we have set a new global standard for automotive data. We are market leaders in our field and are proven international partners of insurers, manufacturers, car dealers and fleet companies.

Our team has developed an innovative and dynamic approach to generating accurate values, driven by the market itself. Our methodology embraces this digital, fast-paced world to produce data that is future-proofed. cap offers you a powerful mix of in-depth expertise and extensive data. Vehicle specifications, valuations and data on operating costs – all from one source.

cap became part of the Solera Group in 2014 and with that brought global ambition. We have been fine-tuning our global solution, and as from 2018, we are now active in the French automotive market place.


cap's dynamic methodology

The automotive industry changes in real-time and so does the data. Watch this short video to see how our approach and methodology create accurate, market-driven values.