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Big Data? We call it Smart Data

We are not old – just experienced! We want to share 80 years of automotive data experience with you
Tailored vehicle data

How can we help you and your business?

Understanding the market is key to staying ahead, cap provides a wide range of valuation and analytical services. We’ve been collecting and analysing data for 80 years. Our immensely expert team of consultants, editors, data and computer scientists pack quite a punch and are here at cap to do one thing… provide key market intelligence, insight and guidance to make our customer’s business succeed.

We touch all sectors within the automotive industry including manufacturers, fleet operators, finance houses, retail, insurance and leasing businesses.

Our customers work with us to help with the challenges they face and look to cap to support them to increase revenue and profitability; gain competitor advantage, reduce risk exposure, support with acquisitions, and identify trends in the automotive market. Here are a few things our previous customers have asked us to do for them. We can do so much, if there is something specific we can help with, call on cap!

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Independent assessment

Deep dive into the cost of vehicles covering both current and forecast valuations. A great tool for automotive manufacturers and fleet operators to establish total costs of ownership of vehicles.


In depth analysis

This is a comprehensive analysis of vehicle assets. It will help to identify exposure risks, market trends and recommendations to improve profitability.

See what we can do with data

This animation was created for an event for the automotive industry.

Using data from cap, it shows trends in the UK automotive market including movement around the UK, how far someone is willing to travel to purchase a vehicle and where the most popular brands are selling in the UK.

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