"Whoever thinks differently will move mountains."

Tony Aquilla, Founder Solera Inc.

This is Solera

It all started in a garage

Today, Solera is one of the world’s leading providers of data and software for automotive, home ownership and digital identity management.

It all started in a garage … Solera Holdings, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Tony Aquila on the digital development of the insurance industry. The first step was the handling of claims.

Today, we offer a digital marketplace where insurance companies, OEMs, dealers, and industry representatives, as well as our customers’ customers, can manage the entire lifecycle of their vehicles through a single platform.

Do it right. Make it better. Do it differently.

We are the best in our field – and we are constantly evolving. We handle more digital vehicle claims than all other companies in the industry combined.

Now we have built a digital platform that goes far beyond the damage case: the entire life cycle of the vehicle and not just the garage, but increasingly the whole house is covered.

We were ambitious right from the beginning. And we do not stand still.

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