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cap hpi launches new initiative for women in the automotive industry

Female staff members at automotive data experts cap hpi are set to benefit from a new initiative designed to encourage confidence-building and career progression opportunities.

Initially designed for women but open to all employees, ‘Changing Gear’ is a new initiative which aims to promote personal empowerment both within the business and across the wider automotive industry.

It is aimed at supporting all those who wish to further their personal development and have a higher level of engagement within the business and beyond.

Participants will be involved in a diverse range of activities such as internal personal development sessions, external guest speakers offering motivational and inspiring stories, attendance and hosting of networking events and local community involvement with a real emphasis to support ‘girl tech’ events in partnership with schools in Leeds.

The initiative is the brainchild of employees Beth Davies, Claire Atkinson and Michaela Hill.

Beth Davies, product manager at cap hpi, commented: “Due to the increased focus on the number of women within the automotive and digital industries, we wanted to establish and promote a diverse and forward thinking network. The outcome is Changing Gear and the response has been extremely positive, and we hope that it not only benefits our own business but those in the wider industry too as a fully inclusive network.”

Beth, 34, joined cap hpi in Leeds in 2015 and as a self-confessed petrol head was attracted to working for cap hpi in a product innovation role. With years of new product development experience under her belt, Beth’s role at cap hpi allows her to combine her passion for motors with her knowledge and experience of NPD.

Beth added: “Working in a tech environment centred on the automobile industry really is a dream job for me. The sector is also very dynamic so there are always plenty of issues to deal with meaning that there’s no time to stand still. Working with motor manufacturers means that I need to be all over these issues and understand what makes customers tick. By building relationships the business can be both proactive and reactive when it comes to the big issues affecting motor manufacturing in the UK and internationally. This is important to cap hpi which is renowned for its long-standing customer relationships across the motoring sector.

“Some elements of the manufacturing side of the automotive industry are still very male dominated and as with other sectors it’s crucial and timely that this imbalance is redressed. I personally enjoy being able to share my personal motoring product knowledge and still get a great buzz from proffering my thoughts, which sometimes still results in a surprised reaction. However, I believe gender should not even enter in to it – if you know your stuff then use that to maximum effect in the workplace. These are the types of traditional barriers that we are intending to bring down with our empowerment programme at cap hpi. Through our forthcoming programme working with schoolgirls interested in working with technology we as a team intend to stimulate interest and engagement and prove that a career in the automotive world is not just for men.

“I love working and living in Leeds – which is a very progressive city particularly on the digital innovations front and working at a cap hpi, I’m very fortunate to be able to play to my strengths and also be encouraged and supported at every turn.”

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