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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

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Two great products in one – Cost Analysis and Burn Rate combined into a single essential reference

All the features you need

  • Calculates accurate vehicle running costs by utilising manufacturer parts pricing, labour times and tyre sizes.
  • Default information includes labour rates, fluid costs, tyre prices and component replacement intervals.
  • Create bespoke fleet budgets
  • Compare a SMR cost by term and distance
  • Create baskets of vehicles that allow detailed comparisons to be made
  • Choose whether to change default replacement intervals for all wear items
  • Audit trail to track user changes
  • Easy to navigate online system provides data in both tabular and graphical formats
  • Exports data for use in quotation systems
  • Sale and Leaseback function

Benefits – Cost Analysis

  • Stay ahead of the competition with the most sophisticated SMR budgeting suite available
  • Keep better control of costs by knowing exactly how much your vehicle running costs are
  • Set your own parameters for a complete and accurate SMR overview for a particular vehicle
  • Keep up to date with new model additions

More great features

  • Live vehicle SMR Revaluation facility
  • Use actual vehicle service history records to calculate accurate key component failure rates and job frequencies
  • Analyse data through multiple parameters such as brand, range, engine, etc
  • Analyse individual or multiple components
  • Easy import/export of data
  • Display the number of incidents over 5,000 mile increments
  • Data displayed in a graphical format for an instant comparative view

Benefits – Burn Rate

  • Keep better control of costs by creating accurate and detailed budgeting
  • Compare the life expectancy of a wide range of key components
  • Stay prepared with a contingency budget that covers additional maintenance events