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Future Light Commercial Vehicle Overview - SMR February 2020

The following factors must be taken into account when setting maintenance budgets

All values are standard average discounted rate by Manufacturer.
Data includes 2nd & 3rd year warranty only covered exclusively by the Manufacturer.
No manufacturer goodwill payments are included in the data.
All costs are original parts price (manufacturers/franchise dealers).
Vehicle usage is set at medium and assumes on road use only.
Replacement tyres are assumed to be premium brand.
Mortality rates are average for standard use.

Where data is unavailable then certain assumptive aspects of data will be used based on available information for existing models that share common features. 

In cases where no data is available and there are no common equivalents then either an assumptive figure based on the best available information will be used or alternatively no data will be issued.

The following elements are excluded from cap SMR

Additional warranty costs
Relief vehicles
Accident management costs
Road fund license
Insurance costs
Costs of finance


VAT is excluded from all calculations.

Service Intervals

All calculations are based upon the service intervals recommended by the manufacturer.


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