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Future Motorcycle Overview - New/Used Bikes March 2020

As the latest new registration figures from the MCIA are now available for January it’s too early in the year to judge how things are going to pan out long term, but some clarity from recent political changes have given some confidence to the industry from conversations during research. There has been a positive start, which is encouraging, especially after the last quarter of 2019 having negative totals when compared to the previous year. A point worth mentioning is our domestic market as compared to other large countries and their PTW users on the continent. The UK increased at the lowest rate over last year. The ACEM figures for the whole of 2019 now available report the UK with a small increase of 1.5%, lagging behind the others in the top five markets by quite a sizable margin. France 15.3%, Italy 4.9%, Spain 11.2% and Germany 5.6%.

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